Translation of massacre in Spanish:


masacrar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈmasəkə//ˈmæsəkər/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • When, early in 1887, a force of 500 Italian soldiers was massacred in Africa, there was a national outcry and demands for strong government.
    • After being given traditional Highland hospitality the soldiers turned on and massacred some 40 of their hosts, and many of those who escaped soon died in winter storms.
    • In the weeks that followed, more than twelve hundred people were massacred and thousands of women were beaten and raped.
    • In the days and nights that followed, thousands of people were massacred.
    • Then the army moved in, destroying the town and massacring hundreds of people, in response to the killing of 12 policemen the previous month.
    • Then criminal responsibility would in fact be much clearer than it would be if soldiers had massacred civilians in violation of orders.
    • We would massacre their cities, killing woman and children, and they would do the same.
    • Shots of the desert are breathtaking, while the battle scenes are also wonderfully portrayed, depicting the stark isolation the soldiers faced being massacred.
    • In retaliation to killings of northerners in the South, the military rulers massacred thousands of southerners and many were brutally tortured.
    • They knew him, and they hated him as his soldiers massacred their people.
    • Sure enough, the soldiers went in, they were captured, they were butchered, they were massacred.
    • Eight to ten millions of soldiers will massacre one another and in so doing devour the whole of Europe until they have stripped it barer than any swarm of locusts has ever done.
    • Africans had seen too many military coups, too many wars within and between countries, and too many people massacred, killed, maimed, displaced and turned into refugees.
    • Days pass, thousands more are massacred, and we go on with our lives.
    • In the later stages of the campaign, we know the citizens of these villages were killed and massacred and buried in mass graves.
    • He'll meet privately with the families of the people killed in that massacre.
    • But it also saw a continuation of nationalist wars in which hundreds of thousands of people were wantonly massacred in just about every corner of the globe.
    • No, they were massacred in their own places most brutally.
    • Thus it is not generally known that several thousand citizens have been massacred along the northern rim of the country the past 17 years.
    • Thousands were massacred by white settlers or evicted from their ancestral lands.
  • 2informal

    (defeat heavily)
    (opponent/team) aniquilar informal
    • The orchestra didn't help matters and massacred the song completely and turned the guitar solo into a joke.
    • Actually, it's been about two-and-a-half years since they massacred the song at the Isle of Wight festival, which everyone would probably like to forget.
    • Now they've taken yet another show I grew up with and massacred it.
    • I think it appropriate to note that the song was not written by Joan, especially since there are people who feel that Joan massacred the song.
    • Teams as talented as Penn State only get massacred on a regular basis if they quit playing hard, and they only quit playing hard if they no longer fear their coach.
    • Here we massacred them in the first half.
    • After taking some time to play himself in, he simply massacred the bowlers and England were put to the sword.
    • Yesterday, however, the triple Olympic champion turned up at the start of the women's time-trial and massacred the opposition to retain the second of her titles.
    • Both gaze lovingly at their partner in the audience as they massacre bad ballads.
    • In 81 overs the Nalandians massacred the Royal bowlers to post a massive 315 for six wickets when stumps were drawn.
  • 3

    (text/music) destrozar
    (music/text) arruinar
    (music/text) estropear


  • 1

    matanza feminine
    masacre feminine
    carnicería feminine
  • 2informal

    (heavy defeat)
    paliza feminine informal