Translation of mastery in Spanish:


maestría, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmæst(ə)ri//ˈmɑːst(ə)ri/


  • 1

    (expertise, skill)
    maestría feminine
    (of language, technique) dominio masculine
    the mastery of Andrés Segovia la maestría de Andrés Segovia
    • His quest for knowledge and mastery extends beyond the proper way to run a slant pattern, although he could tell you that, step by step.
    • I have discovered it is the lack of mastery of these important subjects that tends to haunt a student throughout musical study.
    • By using this example, I do not mean to suggest that mastery of technical skill is not important, only that it is not sufficient.
    • A good article requires mastery of the subject and research, so does lecturing.
    • You can move people from the basic level of just knowing how to do something to real mastery of the subject.
    • The multiple-choice questions do not give the opportunity for the student to convey his mastery on the subject.
    • Yet, accomplished mastery of all the knowledge and techniques important to preaching may not make the preacher successful.
    • It also calls for questions that test the mastery of specific knowledge, skill, or ability statements.
    • Our professional mastery of aerospace power, our knowledge and doctrine create an advantage that is not easily eroded.
    • It would be good if there were more people with real mastery of other subjects.
    • Over a number of crucial commands he has displayed technical mastery and an exceptional ability to command and lead effectively.
    • A craftsman must be master of his tools, and mastery is impossible without intimate knowledge.
    • Yet mastery of some knowledge and the art of control is the secret of success.
    • Their enthusiastic presentation demonstrated their mastery of the subject and of the skills necessary to execute their projects.
    • Thus, additional practice and greater skill mastery is recommended in preparation for night diving activities.
    • It's purity and balanced design reveals Gill's mastery and understanding of classic letterforms.
    • This demonstrates how dichotomous scoring cannot reward students for less than full knowledge or mastery of the content area.
    • Then, you'll be able to convert that knowledge into the total mastery of your machine.
    • You resolve business and professional matters effortlessly with mastery and expertise.
    • This narrative voice challenges our desire for mastery of knowledge.
  • 2

    dominio masculine
    • He is seated on a tiger skin, a symbol of power, showing his mastery over the animal world.
    • And the free market is a useful servant, but when it claims total mastery over human life, we know what the consequences are.
    • It's a humbling thought that we may have mastery over the land, but the majority of the Earth is a realm where no human can tread…
    • Those are the people that want to control you and have mastery over the way that you think.
    • Thus, these are terms applied to the geographic extent of achieving zero incidence, not to the degree of our mastery over the pathogen.
    • He wanted obedience and he wanted mastery over the boy.
    • Every inhabitant of the city, however great or humble, seeks to achieve some measure of mastery over it.
    • Only one other of his bloodline had ever tried to gain mastery over the artifact, and had been condemned for his impertinence.
    • The pioneer legend had asserted human mastery over nature; ‘wilderness’ asserted the moral claim of nature over humans.
    • The excitement comes from its depiction of mastery over the void, made possible by the invention of a new skin - the space suit.
    • The third section tells how one gains mastery over natural forces through thought control.
    • The reason, argue two recent books, is that the developed world's technical mastery over water has led to a false sense of security.
    • The practice of Yoga is more or less physical in nature, through chanting, breathing and other exercises one tries to achieve physical mastery over the body.
    • Achieve mastery over your body by identifying with your soul.
    • A discipline and some mastery over one's own mood are indispensable.
    • The development of agriculture allowed for our increasing mastery over nature.
    • He sat in silence while the soldiers enjoyed themselves; he had enough mastery over himself to not act rashly.
    • But on the whole, in the ancient world, mastery over nature was not a plausible goal of inquiry.
    • The calmness combined with the mask's ability gave him an unprecedented level of power and mastery over the stones.
    • Narcissism and narcissistic identification both involve phantasies of power, omnipotence, mastery and control.