There are 2 main translations of match in Spanish

: match1match2


Pronunciation /matʃ//mætʃ/


  • 1

    boxing/wrestling match match de boxeo/de lucha libre masculine
    • football/hockey match partido de fútbol/de hockey
    • to have a shouting match pelearse a gritos / a voces
    • And, no matter what the sport, we all know that over a five match series the better team will win.
    • Because the kick-off of the game was delayed it was too dark to play extra time and the match is to be replayed.
    • I had sensed some nerves in the camp before the game, our first match in competition in two years.
    • Few can have sympathy for a team who starts a match as if they are already one up.
    • Each team will play five matches from tomorrow until Monday with the final scheduled for next Tuesday.
    • He came back for four matches in the final games of the season and just squeezed in enough games to qualify for a title medal.
    • There can't be many stadiums full to the rafters every week even though their team has lost six matches in a row.
    • There is no place in this distinctive genre for the football team, the cricket match or the game of bowls.
    • The clubs have started a mutual war of nerves, accusing each other of fixing matches and corrupting referees.
    • He said the team was playing training matches with local clubs to help it tune up for the tournament.
    • The winners of their respective matches will contest the final, while the losers will play off for the bronze medal.
    • It is becoming increasingly frustrating to witness teams forfeiting matches for one reason or the other.
    • The World Cup final is a match that touches almost every country in some way.
    • We had worked so hard on team matches and winning really made us feel that the hard work paid off.
    • Another worrying factor is the appointment of referees to officiate in matches involving teams from their own backyards.
    • We entertained ourselves with a talent show, boxing matches and tug-of-war duels.
    • I have seen teams win gruelling matches through good goal kicking.
    • Such was their dominance over the visitors, had it been a boxing match, the referee would have stopped the contest in the first half.
    • All games were keenly contested and several matches were decided on tiebreakers.
    • The players will be split into four teams for matches.
  • 2

    to be a/no match for sb estar/no estar a la altura de algn
    • she's more than a match for you te puede dar guerra
    • However, the lack of experience was no match for the exuberance of youth.
    • Despite some very good performances, they were no match for the strength of the local side.
    • I resisted as best I could, but I was no match for the three of them, who dragged me to the water and threw me into the surf.
    • These vexed machines with their built in obsolescence are no match for me.
    • Corporate greed and power are eventually no match for this woman's determination to set things right.
    • The satyr, drunken as he is, is no match for the heavyweight nymphs.
    • Special care may have to be taken to ensure that he enjoys the company of his classmates, who are likely to be no match for him.
    • Intelligence and honesty are sometimes no match for comfortable habits of thought.
    • I feared for a dog that would be no match for the thuggish birds.
    • In the end, truth is no match for economics and a misguided vision of self-preservation.
    • The pen may be mightier than the sword - but it's no match for a boxer's fist.
    • She is no match for her husband either in stature or in qualities and accepts her lot with resignation.
    • The poorly-armed soldiers prove to be no match for the battle mad Vikings.
    • Our fast feet are no match for opponents on longboards, who tag us almost immediately.
    • She knew she was no match for his strength.
    • The cold was no match for these paragons of athletic prowess and goodwill.
    • In recent decades his waning strength proved no match for the ravages of well intentioned but overbearing regulations.
    • It is cheap and strangely enjoyable, but no match for a genuine blockbuster.
    • Seeing she was no match for the animal in this grapple, the mother extended her hand into the bear's mouth.
    • The giant tried to stop him at first, but his size and strength were no match for William's.
  • 3

    (sth similar)
    it's not exactly the same color, but it's a good match no es exactamente el mismo color, pero es bastante parecido
    • they are a good match hacen buena pareja
    • that shirt is a perfect match for my suit esa camisa va / queda perfecta con mi traje
    • it's not a good match no queda bien
  • 4

    • 4.1dated (marriage)

      boda feminine
      casamiento masculine
      she made a good match se casó bien
      • He took her by storm and the match was the marriage of the year, that Hollywood would only experience in that time.

    • 4.2dated (marriage prospect)

      partido masculine
      a good match un buen partido
      • She had always encouraged the infatuation, saying that the pair were a perfect match.
      • Marriages usually result from family introductions, if not outright matches.
      • Many matches and marriages came out of working in the factory.
      • These rituals would often lead to matches and marriages, either immediately in the coming summer or autumn.

transitive verb

  • 1

    I'll match any offer he makes estoy dispuesto a igualar cualquier oferta que él haga
    • we have nothing to match their new line no tenemos nada equiparable a su nueva línea
    • I can't match him at tennis no estoy a su altura en tenis
    • she can more than match him for intelligence no le va a la zaga en cuanto a inteligencia
    • This sensitivity about representing race is not matched by an equal sensitivity about representing class.
    • I tried a couple of shots to see if I could record what I saw today but the results didn't match my vision.
    • But then his intellectual brilliance is matched by his enigmatic personality - you can't be sure what he's really up to.
    • The allure of the strapline was usually matched by the quality of the content.
    • Their skills increased as they trained and soon Raymond's people matched warriors of the other village.
    • They found that the couples whose expectations matched their relationship skills were most satisfied.
    • It should be as light and as strong as possible, and its size should match your body and strength.
    • The quality of the hot dog is matched by the quality of the toppings.
    • For six weeks, the results on the field matched the hype off it.
    • So, in many ways, the results didn't match the symbolism that he obviously enjoyed.
    • The selfishness of fame seekers is only matched by the personal cost they have to pay for the fame they seek.
    • Sadly this tough talk is not matched by results.
    • McCarthy's perceived influence among his peers is matched by his personal popularity.
    • His continually moronic, arrogant behaviour has meant that his results have never matched the drivel that comes out of his mouth.
    • He would have brushed me off, made me answer for my tone - but not argued with me, not matched me shout for shout.
    • Often they don't bother to announce rises at all, and when they do the result rarely matches the hike to the base rate the Bank of England has announced.
    • The power of the press to cause panic was matched by their equal power to quell the imbalance they had caused.
    • Her beautiful looks and elegant acting were matched by rich tone, expressiveness, and virtuoso technique, which can be heard in her recordings.
    • Can't we pick people with a keener sense of how their strengths match the demands of the role?
    • The whiskey beat his expectations but didn't match his own collection.
  • 2

    • 2.1(correspond to)

      ajustarse a
      corresponder a
      does it match the description? ¿se ajusta / corresponde a la descripción?
      • it doesn't match our client's specifications no se ajusta a las especificaciones de nuestro cliente
      • The speech pattern, which mimics the sound of his playing, has a distinctive modular tone that matches the rhythm.
      • They were not the usual fluff that is true for anyone but closely matched his personal life.
      • Foundation should match your skin tone as closely as possible; powder should match your foundation.
      • The failure of both sides of his face to act in unison shows that his real feelings don't match up with the image he is putting across to the public.
      • Now people have matching furniture, and kitchen gadgets, and pictures on the walls.
      • We'll read a few of them next week and see if what you wrote matches what, in fact, he said.
      • Choose a color or pattern that either matches or complements your suit.
      • The honeyed brown of the truck matched her skin tone perfectly, and it was leathery soft.
      • Nothing matches, and the colours are sharp enough to pierce your retina.
      • As long as it matches your personal style and the rest of your outfit, you'll look great.
      • And if you're going to go blonde try to make sure it matches your skin tone.
      • The synthetic skin didn't quite match his normal skin tone but that was the only indication that it was artificial.
      • These statements, as it happens, match observed facts at the scene of the killing.
      • In short, the stock is creating its own filler, and the resulting color matches perfectly.
      • One is that it could provide sick people with matching organs or tissues.
      • I'm very proud; the ambery colour I picked matches just right the base I already had.
      • In other words, match the tanner shade to your skin tone rather than the colour you would like to be.
      • At least, she can wear matching pyjamas to blend in with their colours.
      • My eyes looked flat, dead, though I was crying, and my tone matched my eyes.
      • The woman was brunette and had a plum evening gown on with matching make-up and a coordinating flower and feather in a bun on the base of her neck.

    • 2.2(harmonize with)

      hacer juego con
      it matches my shoes hace juego con mis zapatos

    • 2.3(make correspond, find equivalent for)

      she dyed the curtains to match the rug tiñó las cortinas del mismo color que la alfombra
      • I have trouble matching names to faces me cuesta acordarme de los nombres de la gente
      • match the words with the pictures encuentra la palabra que corresponda a cada dibujo
      • to be well matched ser muy parejos

    • 2.4matching present participle

      (socks/bedclothes) haciendo juego
      (bedclothes/socks) a juego Spain
      I wore a skirt and matching jacket me puse una falda y una chaqueta haciendo juego
      • We put together an unprecedented ground operation, but it was matched by the zealots on the right.
      • There was no outright winner but 12 people matched three numbers.
      • Pin two sections together, matching the squares; stitch between the squares.
      • They simply seem like two oddly matched adults, thrown together.
      • Are there people you want to read solo whom you'd like less if they were matched up with some appropriate co-bloggers?
      • My answers were matched with those of people who were happy and successful in certain jobs.
      • When pieces are stolen and smuggled out, sometimes blocks of fossils are matched together mistakenly.
      • Our role is to place them in the most appropriate position, matching the candidate's skills to those required by the client.
      • How do you go about matching the appropriate celebrity with the clients?
      • Tape the two vinyl sections firmly together after they are matched so they won't move when you cut them.
      • She had a gift for getting people to work together and she could always match the right person to the right job.
      • Use wire nuts to fasten the two ends together, matching the color-coded wires.
      • The biggest problem was matching cars with people, most of whom wanted one-way rentals out of airports.
      • Here, the game of matching his name to the appropriate subject can be astonishingly easy.
      • Each rider is matched with a horse of the appropriate weight and height, but they are all at ease with teaching people who have never ridden before.

  • 3

    • 3.1(compare)

      to match sth against sth cotejar / comparar algo con algo

    • 3.2(put in competition with)

      to match sth/sb against sth/sb
      • he matched his strength against his brother's midió su fuerza con la de su hermano
      • I wouldn't match him against the champion yo no lo enfrentaría al campeón
      • While on the field of play both teams were evenly matched.
      • From the very beginning, the teams were evenly matched.
      • He was even matched against - and beat - the toughest cage fighters in the world in America.
      • Two very evenly matched teams traded score for score in the third quarter.
      • Having drawn the first game it took extra time in this replay to separate what were two evenly matched teams.
      • In games like this where the stakes are so high, I think when the teams are evenly matched it can go either way.
      • This was an exciting game between two evenly matched teams.
      • The two teams are evenly matched in this series, and what will separate them is strategy.
      • The two teams were evenly matched trading points early on.
      • The two periods of extra time also failed to separate these two evenly matched teams but one wonders how.
      • The teams are evenly matched as they have split their games so far this year.
      • I will stare down the pack of cigarettes, matching wits and strength against tobacco.
      • An indication as to how evenly matched these two teams were is evidenced in the fact that both teams only registered one point each in the opening quarter.
      • Both teams came with the spirit of competition and were evenly matched with the skills displayed by all participants.
      • He can be effective in the slot when he's matched against nickel cornerbacks who can't get their hands on him.
      • We are evenly matched so we have to hope we want it more on the night.
      • This was a lively game of football with two evenly matched teams who played some good football in slippery conditions.
      • No good or exciting game can be played without the participation of two good evenly matched teams.
      • The teams were evenly matched and shared the lead throughout the match.
      • It was a titanic struggle between two evenly matched teams.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (go together)
    (colors/clothes) hacer juego
    (colors/clothes) combinar
    (clothes/colors) pegar informal
    a coat and a scarf to match un abrigo y una bufanda haciendo juego
    • a demanding job with a salary to match un trabajo que exige mucho con un salario acorde
  • 2


There are 2 main translations of match in Spanish

: match1match2


fósforo, n.

Pronunciation /matʃ//mætʃ/


  • 1

    (for fire)
    fósforo masculine
    cerilla feminine Spain
    cerillo masculine Mexico Central America
    to strike / light a match encender / prender un fósforo (or una cerilla etc.)
    • a box of matches una caja de fósforos (or cerillas etc.)
    • He poured some of the gas on the trash, struck a match, and soon the fire roared.
    • I struck a match and lit a candle and put it in the green glass dish and I went into the kitchen.
    • He struck a match and the objects on the mantelpiece threw brief shadows on the wall.
    • It was he who struck a match and carried out the dramatic unmasking of the villain.
    • I got up, and while doing so struck a match to ignite the overhead oxygen.
    • He lit a match and warmed the foil until the powder liquified.
    • It was sort of cool that night so I went up into the house, struck a match and lit the heater.
    • He struck a match and turned on the gas fire stove, placing a greased pan on the fire.
    • After several attempts and most of the matches, she lit a small fire.
    • After counting them, and returning the bag, he found a match and lit a small fire.
    • He threw petrol in my car as I was sitting in it and he struck a match and threw it at the car.
    • He took part in training sessions and even played for short periods in some matches.
    • She struck a match on the rough side of the box, and quickly threw the burning stick onto the first bush.
    • Then he lit a match, and began igniting the shreds in the cup as he breathed in through the tube.
    • They have to catch and prepare their own food, light a fire without matches and build a shelter.
    • Nama struck a match and its head went into flames, then she took it and lit a small lantern in the middle of the room.
    • He tried to light up his matches to put his shoes on fire and explode.
    • Take great care not to light fires, or even to discard matches or cigarette ends in areas where there is a danger of fire spreading.
    • Little kids like myself were handed matches and told to light the candles.
    • She positioned some sticks, and lit a fire with matches in her pocket, and sat down to warm up.