There are 2 main translations of mate in Spanish

: mate1mate2


ayudante, n.

Pronunciation /meɪt//meɪt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(assistant)

      ayudante feminine
      • She's now an aviation electrician's mate and soon will start in the shop for electricians.
      • We had no lifting training and were not provided with driver's mates to assist with the lifting involved.

    • 1.2Nautical

      oficial de cubierta masculine
      first mate primer oficial masculine
      • The same applied to the sailing master, his mate, and the carpenter when they also arrived.
      • Several of the crewmen had heard word of their new expedition, and could not help but to share it with their fellow mates.
      • Some say they are old mates or boatswains watching to see that your job is done in a proper ship-shape way.
      • To make matters worse, he put the tanker on autopilot and he left the helm in the hands of a fatigued third mate.
      • It seems likely that there was a minimum crew comprising master, mate, boatswain, at least two seamen and possibly one apprentice.
      • The ship's mates would be here at any minute, and I would lose my charter to Antwerp if I was caught.
      • When a sailor ‘belonged’ to a ship his main loyalty was to his ship and his mates.
      • Two are professionally qualified skippers and mates; the others are volunteer crew.
      • This was only to be expected, and it was the mate and second mates' jobs to motivate them with threats and promises.
      • Perhaps the captain and his mate would like to make me an offer?
      • Therefore the defendant's fault was not a cause of the collision which occurred while the mate was in charge of the ship.
      • Johnny tried, failed, and eventually gave up on getting the captain and mate to reach peace.

  • 2

    • 2.1Zoology

      (male) macho masculine
      (female) hembra feminine
      • The bird lives there for free along with his mates and fledglings.
      • This animal, which has lived without a mate for her entire life at the zoo, will always be remembered as one who never fell ill and as one who never threw a tantrum.
      • How did your potential mate treat his/her last girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife?
      • From this perspective, the problem of your missus or your mate takes on added significance.
      • Her devoted mate of six decades is a retired production supervisor.
      • He then told them that he would take all steps necessary so that the zoo gets new species of animals and mates for those animals that are single now.
      • Many are still waiting, but some morning soon they too will wake to the lilt of a backyard bird pleading for a mate.
      • At this stage males still accept additional mates and are actively courting.
      • It traps pheromones to alert potential mates of sexual receptivity.
      • This was the time when the birds were believed to choose their mate for the spring.
      • She said if we treated our husbands / mates like we treated our pet dogs, our marriages would be happier.
      • Girls should have the confidence to play hard to get, to wait until they find a mate who matches their demands rather than giving in so easily.
      • Paired with a loving mate, this sign makes a loyal and ever-interesting lover.
      • Image is everything in Hollywood, and one's mate is among one's most important accessories.
      • The male partner will provision his mate with food but does not go into the maternity den.
      • Birds sing to establish territories and to attract mates.
      • So, I asked my daughter, do the teachers talk of love - for mate and child - in terms of respect?
      • In medieval times, there was a romantic belief that birds chose their mate in February.
      • It is always terrifying to give birth; how much more so without one's mate there to share the moment?
      • I mean, that's terrible to lose a life partner and a mate at any age, but certainly at a young age like that.
      • You are a passionate, compassionate, sexual lover, requiring the same qualities from your mate.
      • To examine this question, we looked at the age of the mates of birds that did not emigrate.
      • Even animals have their mates, although some just procreate and leave.
      • Focus on muscle control as you stare into your mate's eyes and mirror his moves.
      • The bird and its mate had built the nest in the bottom of the box and laid five tiny eggs.
      • Andean condor Homer and his mate Marge are love birds again - after vets gave him a blunter beak to save her from the sharp side of his temper.
      • Her mate appeared to counter-sing in response to the song of the female.
      • Her devoted mate of five decades was an insurance agent.
      • Both admitted intentionally killing a wild bird, injuring its mate and having a loaded air rifle without lawful authority.
      • Whenever possible, we selected birds whose mates were present at the nest to ensure that chicks were not left alone.
      • When an incubating bird is relieved by its returning mate, it leaves the nest immediately and flies away from the island.
      • The birds attract mates by the color intensity of their feathers - a signal of their desirability.
      • A randy tortoise is on the run after scaling a two-foot wall in search of a new partner after his mate of 38 years died.

    • 2.2(of person)

      pareja feminine
      compañero masculine
      compañera feminine

    • 2.3US (of shoe, sock etc)

      compañero masculine
      compañera feminine
      • Have you ever wondered as to the whereabouts of the mate to those odd socks you find in the dryer or your sock drawer?

  • 3

    • 3.1British informal (friend)

      amigo masculine
      amiga feminine
      compañero masculine
      compañera feminine
      cuate masculine Mexico informal
      cuata feminine Mexico informal
      he's a good mate of mine es muy amigo mío
      • The subdued lighting and stylish interior are perfect for a pre-club swally with mates or an intimate quaff with your latest flame.
      • A mate of mine from school is throwing a flat-warming party, which a number of people from school are going to be at.
      • I feel like a dunce in this company, until I get talking to some of my mates in the group who share a lot of my frustrations and aspirations, and are a holy if unruly group.
      • He didn't tell his mates at school about all his medical problems and he didn't mention that against all the odds, he was a sporting champion.
      • And if you think you can shoot off emails like that without getting an enraged response, you'd better think again, mate.
      • So at the bus stop outside work at 3.30 pm, I ran into an old mate from school.
      • You want a slap in the face, mate?
      • Go on the cabbage soup diet, mate, it worked for me.
      • None of that euphemistic glowing or perspiring here, mate.
      • He prepared for the head shave by growing his hair for three months - and putting up with teasing from his mates at school.
      • You will need to watch the thing more than once, mate.
      • His mates woke him with seconds to spare, and he dressed somewhat hurriedly.
      • I just had the perfect run, mate, it was like I was in the zone, you know, it was just all happening for me, and I just got the best run through.
      • It may be just a smear to you, mate, but it's life and death to some poor wretch.
      • That trademark murmur of his implies ‘I've seen it all before, mate, and I tell it like is.’
      • I do really really love going out, particularly with a mate or crowd of mates…
      • ‘These days it's sibling revelry, mate,’ Tim jokes in his soft New Zealand accent.
      • The fire glows, venison stew simmers, the hunter and his mates drink beer and yarn on into a New Zealand night.
      • It's shaping up to be a great party, all of us together at the barbeque, mates, mates of mates and partners of mates.
      • The defendant then shouted at the injured driver, ‘There's no damage, mate, you're alright’.
      • Bear in mind that you can buy without a guilty conscience - it's for charity, mate!
      • ‘You shouldn't leave your door open, mate,’ he said as he realised I was right behind him.
      • I am now retired, time-rich and have a wealth of good friends and drinking mates.
      • I'm also still in touch with a couple of mates from school.
      • Not on your bloody life, mate, we know what's in it.
      • On the way back we bought fresh mangoes and dragon fruit from a road side stall and my mates made friends with the owner and got double portions.
      • We were pals, chums, mates and the bosomiest of bosom buddies.
      • I'm really sorry about this, mate, but it's for your own good, honest.
      • Firemen came in looking for images of their mates who had gone into the blazing buildings.
      • Well maybe you should mediate because I wouldn't want to be left alone in a room with her, mate.
      • And if I have mistranslated, remember that it's all from my memory, mate.
      • Better get that down you then, mate, keep the cold at bay.
      • You reach your own conclusions, mate, I don't have to spell it out.
      • He has few mates, preferring the company of his current partner, two children from different couplings, a hound and local goats.
      • He wound down his window, leant over, and said, ‘What direction you headed in, mate?’
      • Anyway, my doctor friend and his golfing mates are welcome to have a cutting.
      • It's all about meeting up with old mates, making new friends and being part of a massive crowd with one thing in common.
      • More and more anglers are either going solo, or going in partnership with a mate or several mates and buying their own boat.
      • This one's for you, mate, and I promise never to call your wheels a ‘second division footballer's car’ again.
      • A couple of years ago, I had a bunch of my mates and their respective partners back at my place after we'd all been out at some do or other.

    • 3.2British informal (as form of address)

      (to a friend) hermano informal
      (to a friend) tío Spain informal
      (to a friend) macho Spain informal
      (to a friend) mano Southern Cone Latin America informal
      (to a friend) che River Plate informal
      (to a friend) gallo Chile informal
      (to a stranger) amigo
      (to a stranger) jefe
      (to a stranger) maestro Latin America

    • 3.3workmateBritish informal

      compañero (de trabajo) masculine
      compañera (de trabajo) feminine
      colega feminine

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (become partners)
    • In late winter they migrate to selected shallow bays, forming congregations to pair and eventually mate.
    • White tigers are rare because they only occur when two tigers mate and both carry the gene for white coloring.
    • In the fall, adults gather in the colonies to form pair bonds and mate.
    • How do foxes manage to mate with so many animals from other social groups?
    • Researchers have found that the female monkeys and rats mate with multiple males to purposely confuse paternity.
    • She just stood there, staring off at some birds mating in a tree.
    • Queenless colonies generally rear male and female sexuals which typically mate in the nest.
    • Many animals and birds mate for life and this seems to work quite well for them.
    • Members of the same species can mate and breed to produce fertile offspring.
    • Two of the captive birds successfully mated and produced the first captive-bred condor chick the following year.
    • It was the hope of the zoo that the gorilla would mate with the female to help further the species.
    • Two other fly species mated and formed a hybrid, a combined form that cannot mate with its fellow hybrids.
    • The pandas only have one mating season per year, and the San Diego pair did not mate.
    • Albatross are faithful birds and only mate once a year with one regular partner.
    • Once a bull mates with a cow, he will look for greener pastures elsewhere and will not mate with the ‘old cow’ again.
    • For simplicity, we assume that each individual only mates with one partner.
    • Crouching, with wings outstretched, the huge birds mate, then fly away together to a nearby glade.
    • The big test will come next spring when it is hoped that the birds will mate.
    • Music was pumping through the stereo system - some latest hip-hop thing that sounded like two cats mating on a tin roof.
    • Also it has been found that if a farmed fish mates with a wild fish the genetics of their spawn is modified.
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transitive verb

  • 1


There are 2 main translations of mate in Spanish

: mate1mate2


mate, n.

Pronunciation /meɪt//meɪt/


  • 1

    (in chess)
    mate masculine
    jaque mate masculine
    • He carelessly walked into a mate in five, which he thought was simply drawing.
    • He wasn't paying attention since he saw that a forced mate resulted from the line he actually played.
    • For example, the chapter on endgame technique focuses on mating with bishop and knight and the rook and pawn versus rook endgame.
    • This book starts with mates in one and, around page one million, moves on to mate in twos.
    • Can you find the mate in two for White in today's diagram?