Translation of material in Spanish:


material, n.

Pronunciation /məˈtɪərɪəl//məˈtɪriəl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(used in manufacturing etc)

      material masculine
      building materials materiales para la construcción
      • Efforts to extinguish the blaze were hampered by the large amount of flammable material inside the building.
      • The sediment is cemented by material derived from pore waters and grain dissolution.
      • The officer saw an open-backed truck at the site containing a large amount of asbestos cement roofing material.
      • Many of the males and a few of the females wear stuff that looks like leather, but most is woven animal fur or plant material of kinds I do not know.
      • This region's ample sunlight breaks down the organic material in sewage into food for plankton.
      • The fire spread so quickly, he said, because there was a lot of flammable material inside the building.
      • Gas cylinders contain flammable material - the fire extinguishers put out fires.
      • Previous attempts to break down the plant into reusable material and fertiliser have been defeated because of its high moisture content.
      • For the first three harvests, plant material was bulked across three gullies to obtain sufficient plant material for mineral analyses.
      • Try to remove all large rocks, pebbles, and plant material from the soil.
      • It is formed from decomposing underground deposits of organic matter such as decaying plant material.
      • That is because mined diamonds are a carbon gem material and synthetic diamonds are polycrystalline.
      • Bacteria and insects break down organic material to produce soil and nutrients so plants can grow.
      • Any samples of hair, blood or other organic material removed from the cars will be matched up against a national database.
      • At higher elevations on these mountains, the parent material is acid crystalline rock.
      • Gone are the days when wood was the basic material used for boat building.
      • This sculpture was room size and not made of any fine material like marble or wood.
      • The relief material includes biscuits, water, candles, matchsticks and bread.
      • A wine-like beverage can be made from almost any fruit, berry, or other plant material containing sugar.
      • A virus is a small packet of infectious nucleic acid material surrounded by a protein coat.

    • 1.2materials plural(equipment)

      material masculine
      teaching materials material didáctico masculine
      • writing materials artículos de escritorio
      • There is no good scientific evidence that these materials are effective at all.
      • Banana juice also can be used for making wine while the banana powder could be a basic starting material for making banana biscuits.
      • Any money given to the project will be used toward the purchase of materials for the above activities.
      • This is the way we get the bulk of the tools and materials we need for projects on the house.
      • Jefferson's choice of roofing material was the other matter to be considered.
      • He strikingly adapted the quality of painting technique and materials to different budgets.
      • So first of all get hold of the right materials and tools for the job in hand.
      • You have to get all the staff, materials and equipment to the right place at the right time.
      • This will also include supplying materials and equipment required for all events.
      • Throwing money and materials and implements at the problem is not dealing with the problem.
      • They sat together, looking on a little suspiciously as the tools and materials were gathered together.
      • They cut into course tutor time and need costly equipment and materials to make them of value to the young people.
      • Many students are unable to get class materials, proper exam booklets or take part in labs.
      • It is important therefore to know how to create effective teaching materials.
      • He said sugar, cement, timber and building material were some of the marketable goods in the neighboring countries.
      • The railway stations revert to older materials and greater personal care is evident.
      • The managers made a point of ensuring that materials never touched the ground.
      • They have potentially fatal deficiencies in the areas of design, equipment and materials.
      • Other icons lead to full construction details plus information about materials and tools.
      • It created a flash flood effect and I was in the middle of rapids containing debris, wood and all matter of building material.

    • 1.3(people)

      material humano masculine
      • He is not teller material or bank material for that matter, but he sure makes me laugh.

  • 2

    tela feminine
    género masculine
    tejido masculine
    • He had a piece of dark material masking his face and was wearing a black, cotton casual jacket.
    • I gasped when I saw the material; it was a sheer blue shimmery silk material that felt like water.
    • The water seeped through the thin material of her dress and made her shiver.
    • He pretended to dust an imaginary piece of lint from the dark material before returning his gaze to the other man.
    • I wiped my right hand repeatedly on the dark gray material of the skirt.
    • The dress of fine material clung to her curvy figure as if it were part of her skin.
    • This led him to the trade of a florist and later to creation of artificial flowers in satin, velvet, silk and other dress material.
    • He was dressed in black material that reflected some of his light and made him seem even whiter.
    • Insulation is a type of fabric or material in a lining that can protect from either outside heat or cold.
    • I glanced at Matt in the dim light, noticing how he blended in with the shadows due to the dark material of his clothing.
    • The clothes, as many of the designers put it, are produced from quality material with close attention to detail.
    • The purple dress of velvet material had fitted her perfectly.
    • I've spent hours going around those fabric shops looking for material.
    • Heavy, tight weave fabrics will burn more slowly than loose weave, light fabrics of the same material.
    • Laminating this material to a carrier fabric (a fleece, for example) maximises this efficiency.
    • I think that that has come out in the way that you have worked with fabric and material and design.
    • She picked out a plain dress of dark green material and a clean loin cloth.
    • The year's supply of knitting is over, so now I plan to get some dress material decorated for some of the younger girls.
    • Multi-hued swathes of dress material and shirting are an added attraction.
    • The material of the dress I wore was very unflattering; it bulged and fell flat in all the wrong places.
  • 3

    • 3.1(for book, show etc)

      material masculine
      • We are currently researching material for a book.
      • The seven-piece outfit perform Tex-Mex classics, Spanish songs and original material.
      • The remaining films are in the main from writer-directors who create their own material.
      • There are originals in there too, and these are not overshadowed by the quality of the interpreted material.
      • I had been turning this around in my mind for some time, trying to think through just what would make my kids worthy material for a book.
      • How does she create her material, and what comes first, words or music?
      • It's a tough job to have to sit down and actively think about ways to be funny, and create material for a show.
      • Her spiky style and confident handling of the source material creates a book which is more of a literary event than a quiet read.
      • The sound quality is almost always atrocious, but for obsessive fans hungry for material, this matters little.
      • Even considering just her four most recent albums, that's an awful lot of quality material to consider.
      • But, after a considerable amount of said hanging about, he accumulated enough material to write a book.
      • More seriously, it seems that not a few musicians seek out less well-known foreign songs as material for their own albums.
      • According to an excitable tabloid, he viewed the murder as good material for a future book.
      • They gave many performances of original arrangements from his operetta material.
      • His performance will feature both old material and songs from the new album.
      • Part of their brief was to provide work for an exhibition in November and to provide material for a book published at the same time.
      • He obviously hoped to repeat his success with another trip, but the second cruise was dogged by bad weather and did not provide enough material for a book.
      • Have you expanded your repertoire, and if so will your explorative work with your new kit inform your next material?
      • The ensemble often draws its material from narrative folk songs.
      • How could an entire album worth of quality material be left on the cutting floor?
      • So why aren't more studios willing to take a risk with quality material?
      • No matter how good his material is, the audience wear him down with a mixture of catatonia and contempt.
      • There, in a nutshell, is the source material for countless books.
      • They've got good delivery, and the show's writers create solid if unremarkable material.
      • Singletons might use it as a dating agency, novelists as material for a book, market researchers as the easiest way to corner unsuspecting prey.
      • And the director made the most of the quality material that had finally landed in his lap.
      • The Keighley band will include original material in its set along with new chart covers.
      • The source material was great books, and the host was a famous radio journalist.
      • We found some of the most informative material for this review in grey literature.
      • He has recorded some excellent quality material over the years and is a great admirer of the songs of the late John Denver.
      • The long-player will mix original material with traditional songs and is due out late next month.
      • She makes no attempt to disguise her material in order to create the illusion of a realistic scene.
      • The new material varies in quality, but it is nice to have on this disc.
      • I am continuing to gather material for the cat book and, in parallel, pulling poems together in one place.

    • 3.2(potential, quality)

      this is bestseller material este es un bestseller en potencia
      • she's champion material tiene madera de campeona
      • he's not college material no tiene aptitudes para estudios superiores


  • 1

    (worldly, physical)
    (gain/profit) material
    (needs) material
    material damage daños materiales masculine
    • If this is so, we may conclude that the material component in the definition of a species is intelligible matter.
    • But are there any material reasons why he shouldn't be permitted to take that trip and find out?
    • It is not an intensely material matter here, but it explains a lot that has happened.
    • But what is material damage to property, and why should locality be less important in this case?
    • It will give auditors a better understanding of what is of material significance to the banks' regulator.
    • The practices are grounded in a material reality with actual, material consequences.
    • A majority of their Lordships treated a material increase in the risk as equivalent to a material contribution to the damage.
    • If there's no disputing about taste, there's also no disputing some of the material consequences of taste.
    • Relationships ought thus to be preserved or restored and the concept of teamwork realised or saved from material damage.
    • Now, physical prowess is admittedly not a material qualification for public office.
    • We agreed with the firm that in failing to obtain a vet's report, he had breached an important and material condition of the policy.
  • 2

    (important, relevant)
    (factor/reason) importante
    (factor/reason) de peso
    Law (evidence) sustancial
    to be material to sth ser esencial a algo
    • One reason to hold material witnesses is that they are considered likely to flee the country.
    • The Defendants had a legitimate interest in drawing attention to matters which were material in one or other of these two statutory purposes.
    • In this case the following matters are particularly material.
    • The situation in the crisis alters almost by the hour but as at Wednesday morning I will try and give you an update of matters that are material.
    • It must be proved that the accused was suffering from an abnormality of mind at the material time.