Translation of materially in Spanish:


económicamente, adv.

Pronunciation /məˈtɪriəli//məˈtɪərɪəli/


  • 1

    (regarding worldly goods)
    • For all his stiffness and faults, his people were materially a lot better off then than they are now; it's the price of bread that matters most.
    • But compared to you I am materially wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.
    • We do see, for example, in the materially less well-off a rampant hopelessness and the social effects that come along with it.
    • Let's face it: almost all of us wish to be materially rich, even if we want this so that we can do more good in the world.
    • Fluctuations in the exchange rate which materially effect the value of European investments are eliminated through currency hedging.
    • Nevertheless, stringers perceive of A Team life as culturally distant and materially ideal.
    • What a lesson to the West, where we are often materially rich and spiritually bankrupt!
    • Even if they are materially disadvantaged they'll still find ways of coping, getting by and making their own entertainment.
    • Many people feel empty even in this materially affluent society.
    • When they suddenly lost their economical support, they suffered greatly, both materially and spiritually.
    • These men are materially poor but spiritually rich.
    • Now, a materially minded person might suggest that in market terms, what we have is a serious imbalance between supply and demand.
    • He or she will hope to explore his or her full potential in every way, not only materially but also culturally, sexually and spiritually.
    • The evidence is clear: in spite of being materially richer, people in rich countries are emotionally poorer.
    • It doesn't really matter how materially privileged they are, they are still miserable and we connive at making them even unhappier.
    • The golden age envisaged here may, perhaps, be spiritually rich, but it is materially poor.
    • I always thought it was something simple, like overcompensating materially for our own spare childhood.
    • With her being so materially successful, the pressures became enormous in our relationship.
    • His retrenchment had not left him materially impoverished.
    • Behavioural economists now say part of the reason we are richer but not happier is because we compare ourselves to people better off materially.
  • 2

    (help/change) sensiblemente
    (change/help) considerablemente
    • So you do not contend that the circumstances are materially different?
    • The basis of the refusal was that the house being constructed was materially different to the one for which permission was granted.
    • Moreover, these were and are materially different from any of the established uses found in the Inspector's report of October 1962.
    • The Secretary of State considers that you have materially embellished your account, concealing material facts.
    • We do not consider that the values will have materially changed from those reported in March 1994 in respect of the property at that time.
    • The statement was ‘false in material particulars and materially misleading’.
    • Your Honour, it is not materially different, in our submission.
    • I am satisfied that its condition in 1993 was not materially different.
    • In our submission, the question of standard of proof is materially different from the question of pleading.
    • If the circumstances materially change, or if the undertakings have held back or misrepresented the truth, the decision may be revoked.
    • He noted that most police statements were recorded in broken English and differed materially from evidence by witnesses.
    • The different constituencies do not materially affect the semantic structure of the complex expression.
    • These facts differ materially from those found in cases where the assumption of responsibility test has been applied.
    • But what if the adjudicator finds the facts to be materially different?
    • This doesn't materially change my analysis, but I thought that I'd flag the correction.
    • What makes it materially different from anything that has come before?
    • It is to be noted that this is a stand-alone procedure which differs materially from that of normal licensing applications.
    • His interpretation of those events was slightly, but hardly materially, different.
    • It is materially different in relation to a reserve system of jurors.
    • The circumstances were not materially different from those at the time of the negative screening opinion.