Translation of mathematical in Spanish:


matemático, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌmæθ(ə)ˈmædək(ə)l//maθ(ə)ˈmatɪk(ə)l/


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    she's a mathematical genius es un genio para las matemáticas
    • I'm not very mathematical no soy muy bueno para las matemáticas
    • He did important work on differential equations and applications to mathematical physics.
    • The mathematical equations of Newton or Einstein make no explicit mention of direction in space.
    • The first phase of the process is to search for equations that satisfy certain mathematical properties.
    • His mathematical work concentrates on set theory, where his concern is the nature of a set.
    • He is chiefly known, however, for his work on mathematical and statistical tables.
    • The mathematician contemplates how the various mathematical ideas relate to each other.
    • He shook his head as he glossed over the mathematical equations again.
    • No mathematical theorem could require the number of pages these fellows were taking!
    • It introduced a complete system of mathematical and logical notation, yet none is used today.
    • He also wrote on applications of the symbolic calculus to mathematical physics.
    • His most important mathematical contribution is the application of geometry to optics.
    • He also studied the foundations of geometry which was his own mathematical speciality.
    • In mathematical language, the diagrams are graphs, and problems arise at the nodes of the graphs.
    • Do not be put off by the mathematical equation, because this is really not very complicated.
    • For an asymmetric algorithm, it is easier to attack the underlying mathematical problem.
    • Sometimes this general theory is contemplated or worked out in terms of mathematical equations.
    • His interests are in discrete differential geometry and mathematical visualization.
    • In Newton's theory of motion there is basically one mathematical equation to solve.
    • One of the most ancient of mathematical curiosities is the so-called magic square.
    • His mathematical work covered Cartesian geometry and the theory of equations.