Translation of matted in Spanish:


enmarañado y apelmazado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmædəd//ˈmatɪd/


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    enmarañado y apelmazado
    • Pushing her matted hair off her forehead, she got out of bed.
    • His matted hair looks like it hasn't been washed for months and he smells like a damp rug.
    • The sun was making its way into the sky and was falling though the shattered windows giving light to the matted dust on the floor and the covered furniture.
    • He threw back his matted hair that reached halfway down his back, the slightly warm water sending relief through his aching muscles.
    • I hugged the dead dog and cried a gallon of tears into its matted fur, begging it to wake up.
    • Pedestrians gasped and moved their children out of the way, far from the mad demon that had matted fur and wild eyes.
    • His shirt was torn, his bow tie squinty and matted hair fell over his face.
    • Anna sunk down onto the steps and hugged her dog tightly, feeling the sticky, matted fur cling to her hands.
    • She then dried out her matted hair until it became a fuzzy red color.
    • So I began to pull the debris out of my matted hair, just for something to do.
    • Her normally pristine white hair was matted and stringy and streaked with gray.
    • Tears rolled down his dirt - streaked face from under a long mass of matted, dirty red hair.
    • Smoothing the sweat - matted hair off his brow, she felt her despair ebb away in the face of her growing determination.
    • She twisted her finger around a piece of her matted hair.
    • He slipped back into his clothes and fixed his matted hair.
    • Her hair was matted and messy and her dress was haphazard.
    • It's crumbling to pieces, and it's about as long as my forearm, brown with matted fur, with round little ears on top.
    • She reached down to gently smooth the matted hair from his brow.
    • His bony limbs still had the tatters of his clothes hanging from them; his matted hair still clung stubbornly to his skull.
    • When I walked into the shower freezing cold water soaked me, making my wild, matted hair stick to my head.