Translation of matter in Spanish:


materia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmædər//ˈmatə/


  • 1

    • 1.1Philosophy Physics

      materia feminine
      sustancia feminine
      • The electromagnetic spectrum describes all matter as wave frequencies.
      • The metaphor my old physics professor liked was that matter is energy tied into knots.
      • In the universe matter and physical space are in permanent dynamic equilibrium.
      • This is the amount of heat energy necessary to change the phase or state of matter from liquid to gas.
      • Inflation involves a curious change in the properties of matter at very high energies known as a phase transition.
      • For one thing, how can empty space explode without there being matter or energy?
      • In general, the distinction between matter and antimatter is somewhat arbitrary.
      • Einstein described what we call gravity as curves in space and time, created by matter and energy.
      • For the physicist, time and space, along with matter, form part of the equipment that the universe comes with.
      • Physics is the science which deals with properties and interactions of matter and energy.
      • I'm not sure if the anti-matter and matter particles annihilating each other produces some kind of energy.
      • Right now the dominant forms of energy in our Universe are matter and vacuum energy.
      • Thus dark energy is intrinsically relativistic and is more like energy than matter.
      • Their properties are determined locally by the changing patterns of matter and energy residing within them.
      • Where do space, matter, energy, and the forces of nature come from?
      • Why is the universe made of matter and not equal parts of matter and antimatter?
      • As a result, the energy exchange between matter and radiation becomes less efficient.
      • They're a bit like caps on a shaken soda bottle, and upwelling matter and energy can blow at any moment.
      • When ionizing radiations pass through matter, energy is deposited in the material concerned.
      • With their knowledge, the spaceships could become mass, matter, energy or any form of radiation.

    • 1.2Medicine

      pus masculine
      materia feminine
      • Five of the sites were sandy soils and five were clays or soils high in organic matter.
      • The idea worked with vegetable matter but slugs, being slimier, tended to clog an essential filter.
      • Whether the soil is heavy clay or sandy and very free draining, it can be greatly improved by the addition of bulky organic matter.
      • Layers of leaves or other organic matter are sometimes added to speed decomposition.
      • Soils with more clay and organic matter tend to hold water and dissolved chemicals longer.
      • The most important of all the routine is the checking of the faecal matter of the animal and how it urinates.
      • Students of a nearby school found poisonous organic matter in water samples they studied.
      • More often than not these kinds of infections are caused through faecal matter but there were no reports of any incidents of that sort on that day.
      • If your soil is high in clay or sand, add organic matter to break up clay particles for better drainage.
      • This basically boils down to adding lots of lovely organic matter.
      • Beans interplanted with corn help add organic matter and fix nitrogen at the same time.
      • Clean out all of the warm weather crops and add organic matter and fertilizer and work them well into the soil.
      • Be careful not to overmix the layers, as this can bury organic matter too deeply.
      • What happens is without the addition of organic matter, the soil in our gardens eventually become lifeless.
      • The grey colour and the preservation of organic matter reflect waterlogged conditions and reducing pore waters.
      • Compost is the living, black material that is made from rotting fruits, grains and other organic matter.
      • If an animal consumes both meat and vegetable matter, what is the scientific term by which it is called?
      • The latrines had a heater beneath, which would burn the faecal matter slowly without causing any smell.
      • They eat vegetable matter, dead insects and reportedly even enjoy dining on the odd bird dropping.
      • It can be discounted here because of the absence of clay minerals and organic matter in freshly erupted ash.

    • 1.3subject matter

      tema masculine
      form and matter forma y contenido

    • 1.4(written, printed material)

      printed matter impresos masculine
      • reading matter material de lectura

    • 1.5Printing

      (composed type) galeradas feminine
      (material to be composed) manuscrito masculine

  • 2

    • 2.1(question, affair)

      asunto masculine
      cuestión feminine
      let's say no more about the matter no digamos nada más sobre el asunto / la cuestión
      • a matter of great importance/of national interest un asunto / un tema de gran importancia/de interés nacional
      • this is a matter for the police esto requiere la intervención de la policía
      • it's a matter for her to decide es ella quien tiene que decidir
      • that's a matter of taste eso es cuestión de gustos
      • it's just a matter of getting on a plane no hay más que tomarse un avión
      • I won't eat there as a matter of principle yo, por principio, no como ahí
      • there's the little matter of the two million they owe está el pequeño detalle de los dos millones que deben
      • The fact is, most of us find financial matters rather dull and often complicated.
      • All the above noted issues are matters for discussion and consideration.
      • First, there are the occasional free-ranging debates on matters of great issue.
      • Within this latter group lies cutlery, perhaps the most banal and uninteresting of eating-related subject matters.
      • What is being ruled out by these considerations is doubt concerning matters which are fundamental to our linguistic and other practices.
      • They were asking me about it last night, and I started trying to explain when the subject turned to other matters.
      • A brief consideration of the matter shows that it is a serious situation.
      • The cabinet consideration of those matters is appropriate and I stand by it.
      • The exploitation of the oil fields has further complicated matters and pushed the possibility of a peaceful settlement further away.
      • It was this experience that called my attention to the matter under consideration.
      • The summiteers would like to keep their meeting focused on bilateral matters.
      • Magistrates were also asked to take 53 further matters into consideration.
      • In recent years the matter has been subjected to renewed debate, yet it is still poorly understood.
      • As if to further even up matters, both sides fielded with a number of notable absentees.
      • I don't see how one can be objective about subjective matters.
      • The falling bodily strength of teenagers is a matter requiring serious consideration on a national level.
      • It has to be said that this was a very poor affair and to make matters even worse from a Johnville point of view, they lost the game.
      • A spokesman said later that they were taking an interest and were giving the matter careful consideration.
      • His defence of spin is not unreasonable: of course politicians do what they can to present matters in the light that reflects best on them.
      • It was time to turn the subject back to the matter at hand.
      • To make matters worse, our affair had been common knowledge amongst most members of her family.
      • He has no say in the decision, but said he had urged the council to give the matter serious consideration.
      • A Scottish Executive spokesman said matters arising from the inquiry were a matter for the Crown Office.
      • You can trust your intuition and gut feelings about family situations and professional matters.
      • He paused, having nothing further to say on the matter and then changed subject.

    • 2.2matters plural

      as matters stand tal y como están las cosas
      • I can't see how that will help matters yo no veo que eso vaya a ayudar
      • matters arising asuntos varios

    • 2.3(approximate amount)

      a matter of sth cuestión de algo feminine
      • it was all over in a matter of seconds todo acabó en cuestión / cosa de segundos

  • 3

    (problem, trouble)
    what's the matter? ¿qué pasa?
    • what's the matter/what was the matter with you? ¿qué te pasa/pasaba?
    • what's the matter with Jane/the typewriter? ¿qué le pasa a Jane/a la máquina de escribir?
    • is anything the matter with Alice? ¿le pasa algo a Alice?
    • something's the matter or there's something the matter with her algo le pasa
    • what's the matter with it? why won't you eat it? ¿qué tiene (de malo) que no lo quieres comer?

intransitive verb

  • 1

    it doesn't matter no importa
    • they win the games that matter ganan los partidos realmente importantes / que realmente importan
    • does it matter how old I am? ¿qué importancia tiene mi edad?
    • what matters most is that we stick together lo más importante es que nos mantengamos unidos
    • to matter to sb
    • money is the only thing that matters to her/them el dinero es lo único que le/les importa
    • getting this job matters a lot to me conseguir este trabajo significa mucho para mí
    • nothing matters to me any more ya nada me importa
    • It didn't matter to them who they were drawn against in the quarterfinal.
    • It didn't seem to matter to Paul - within seconds he was able to answer your query.
    • It didn't really matter to me who won last night in Melbourne.
    • Racing should welcome the white paper because at long last the government are tackling issues which matter to punters.
    • It doesn't matter to me whether it's a big game or one in the lower divisions.
    • However, that didn't matter to the vociferous home support who cheered their side's maiden league victory to the echo.
    • Things that used to matter to her before didn't matter now that she had this.
    • Ideas matter to all of us who enter public life, particularly at the national level.
    • It doesn't matter to me, but, again, I thought it might be important to some.
    • You know, you may feel good or bad about who wins, but it doesn't really matter to your life.
    • It doesn't really matter to me who is prime minister, who's president, who has what job.
    • Sure it's nice if they needed the money or whatever, but if I don't see a penny of it, then it don't matter to me.
    • It didn't matter to the producers what the name actually meant.
    • I don't think it mattered to him and I suspect it didn't matter to most of the audience.
    • For instance, we purposefully deflect our gaze from features that would normally matter to us.
    • Football is a pretty good example: you can usually tell when the result of a game doesn't matter to one side.
    • You bet, but money was on the line, and that, I'm afraid, is the only loyalty that should matter to a professional gambler.
    • Material things are not important and don't matter to us anymore.
    • This, understandably, didn't matter to those decked out in blue and red.
    • When I was younger I never really cared much for this, as it didn't seem to matter to me.