Translation of mattress in Spanish:


colchón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmætrəs//ˈmatrɪs/


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    colchón masculine
    • I use a fitted sheet because I sleep on a twin futon and the mattress is in two pieces.
    • We slid down a short chute and landed on a soft mattress with everyone looking at us.
    • The boys sleep on mattresses and their days are filled with school classes, sport and counselling.
    • For the last week I have been sleeping on a mattress between my children's beds.
    • They sleep on flimsy mattresses and wrap themselves in parkas or sleeping bags to keep warm at night.
    • Pillows, mattresses, blankets and sheets were strewn throughout the room.
    • For example, some parents may not be able to afford firmer mattresses or to have enough beds for all their family members.
    • Instead, the box springs and mattresses are combined and a mattress pad placed over them.
    • Wouldn't our back streets and green spaces look more attractive without dumped carpets, mattresses and chairs?
    • Sleeping mattresses were also available for members of noble households.
    • These little critters are found in mattresses, carpets, soft furniture and bedding.
    • They had slept on mattresses of straw over which they had thrown clean linen and their own blankets.
    • They prepared the mattresses they slept on in silence.
    • The mites breed at a phenomenal rate in soft furnishings such as pillows and mattresses.
    • The trailer was cramped and had no furniture except for a mattress and a wooden bench.
    • The sun made its final farewell, so he flipped on a lamp and sat down on the soft mattress.
    • His pillow was extremely soft, and the flannel sheets and firm mattresses were almost too comfortable.
    • At nights, he was forced to sleep on a thin mattress against the stump of a tree.
    • When it comes to beds and mattresses, the softest are not always the best.
    • Small areas are sectioned off where people are sleeping on mattresses on pallets.