Translation of maturation in Spanish:


maduración, n.

Pronunciation /matjʊˈreɪʃ(ə)n//ˌmætʃəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


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    maduración feminine
    (of wine, spirits) añejamiento masculine
    • Yet more techniques for adding to or altering the flavour of Chardonnay are oak-barrel fermentation and maturation.
    • Fierce competition often provokes a rush to judgement, a sense of perpetual crisis and a frantic chase for stories, sacrificing the process of reflective maturation.
    • The process is essentially the same as the white wine process: gathering the grapes, fermentation, maturation and bottling.
    • As with wine, whisky's production and maturation process - especially if peat is used - have a big impact on the final flavour.
    • They have experimented with all the techniques of modern winemaking in terms of time of grape picking, fermentation times and temperatures, and maturation.
    • If our understanding of red wine maturation is incomplete, even less is known about the ageing process in white wines.
    • To these traditional ingredients they add inert temperature-controlled fermentation and maturation in new oak, mainly French.
    • Throughout the years of maturation, the whisky, which coming out of the still is a colorless spirit, gradually becomes more complex.
    • Over the past ten years, better vineyard practices and a greater understanding of wine-making and maturation have dramatically improved the quality of these wines.
    • It uses local Hallertauer and Saaz hop and has at least six weeks of cold maturation which results in an extremely drinkable lager.
    • While available in magnums, this is not a wine requiring the slow maturation that a larger bottle brings.
    • As well as the raw materials used, often from local sources, the maturation of a whisky in cask is extremely important when forging its character.
    • Fermentation and maturation in oak is another important aspect.
    • Then they gave the wine an extended maturation in oak barrels.
    • They've done such a good job of excluding air from their winemaking process that they now have to make sure that a certain amount of oxygen gets into the wines in order to get good maturation.
    • And the large proportion of Grenache and Zinfandel grapes need slower maturation, thus reaching higher sugar levels that turn on fermentation into alcohol.