Translation of maven in Spanish:


experto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmeɪv(ə)n//ˈmeɪvən/



  • 1

    experto masculine
    experta feminine
    • These pure language mavens always come up with the notion people who use language that shocks their shell-pink ears are simply lacking in vocabulary.
    • But, typically, more than a few self-appointed culture mavens and media snobs were snickering under their breath.
    • Maybe I'm mistaken, since I'm not an appellate procedure maven (and maybe I'd be mistaken even if I was).
    • Many specialists, former regulators, and industry mavens say they believe the new regime is moving in the right direction.
    • He became the impeachment maven even though he had no clear expertise related to the questions at hand.
    • Usage mavens generally advise that such phrases ought to connect to the subject of the following clause, rather than to a noun phrase in some other position.
    • Our neighbor Elizabeth fancied herself a paint maven, proclaiming that light colors dried darker and dark colors dried lighter.
    • Many marketers and brand mavens see them as identical.
    • I swear to you, if my father starts wearing his beige and brown leisure suit again, I will make the fashion mavens responsible for this pay.
    • Academics and poverty mavens know this to be the case, though they try to soften the harshness of its implications.
    • Blues fans, music historians, and guitar mavens will flock to secure this rare disc.
    • Some privacy mavens see them as a step toward a world where everything we own becomes a potential bug that can track us everywhere and all the time.
    • So she did, and now she's a book publishing maven as well.
    • But that's what rock 'n' roll is all about, say the fashion mavens.
    • Opera mavens head to Milan for Verdi, Bayreuth for Wagner.
    • News mavens should be advised that this is a story that points up the difference between the main-line media and blogs.
    • I'm glad that he pointed out that being a great type designer does not make one a typewriter history maven.
    • I'm not enough of a poll maven to give a precise enumeration or history, but that's really uncommon.
    • In the buzzing, blooming confusion of human choices and actions, such knowledge can be harder to pin down than many social research mavens care to admit.
    • I'm not a federalism maven; though I've followed the Court's jurisprudence here, I can't claim deep expertise.