Translation of maybe in Spanish:


quizá(s), adv.

Pronunciation /ˈmeɪbi//ˈmeɪbi//ˈmeɪbiː/


  • 1

    tal vez
    a lo mejor
    maybe I'll come later quizá(s) / tal vez venga luego
    • maybe she didn't hear a lo mejor no oyó
    • he's maybe 35 andará por los 35
    • He doesn't look his age, but then few of these men do, maybe because they don't act it.
    • If we manage to beat them in the league this year, well, maybe we will win the league.
    • Last season we thought we were good enough to win the title, but maybe not mature enough.
    • Maybe it was the Christmas feeling or maybe it was just the way she looked at me.
    • Certainly now it is not possible to provide this level of service, and maybe it never was.
    • So, why is it not possible to stagger half term and summer breaks for maybe a week by county?
    • Does he ever wonder if maybe by now he should have grown out of his grand obsession with football?
    • He's not been able to show it recently but I feel he's maybe needing a goal or two to give him a lift.
    • I don't know, but maybe the millions who saw her on the news would like to know if the baby was a boy or a girl.
    • Well, it was hard, but maybe you realise that a normal person can go out and do what they are doing.
    • You can set up your kids, and maybe even their kids, while doing something you enjoy.
    • They're given to guys who have maybe had an injury or who are suffering from a drink problem.
    • He's a better player, maybe because the type of ball he receives here suits his game.
    • It was maybe a mother's instinct which made me believe that somehow it would all work out.
    • Playing for the club you supported as a boy and live nearby, maybe you take that for granted.
    • So basically, it's as good as it used to be, but maybe that's not good enough any more.
    • Then again, maybe if I ask nicely, the boss will let me string a hammock under my desk.
    • We felt it was maybe the time to let him go because we were waiting on the next bit of front-page news.
    • We were at Kempton when he won the King George and we just thought that maybe this was going to be his day.
    • Maybe it was part of a grand plan or maybe that's what he would want us to think.