Translation of mayn't in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈmeɪənt//ˈmeɪ(ə)nt/

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    • As you mayn't hold the ball for more than three seconds, the game has pace; and as Norwegian girls are traditionally athletic, these matches are played with speed, skill and courage.
    • They mayn't always understand the context of what they find appealing, but it still seems better than what hasn't worked in their own experience.
    • In the case of macular degeneration, our experience mayn't completely serve us or the client if we don't understand what we're dealing with.
    • Maybe if I sandwiched them between two cool movies, it mayn't be so noticeable, but I didn't think of that.
    • Even though society mayn't grasp this simple idea doesn't make the concept bad.
    • may not