Translation of mbira in Spanish:


mbira, n.

Pronunciation /(ə)mˈbɪərə//(ə)mˈbɪrə/


South African

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    mbira masculine
    piano (africano) de pulgar masculine
    • The album is made entirely from a multitracked mbira (thumb piano) and occasional rhythmic accompaniment.
    • These songs conjure a sense of community and activity with their lively mbira parts and the ecstatic singing, making the mbira an instrument of sociality, festivity, and fierce activity.
    • The artist's brother makes mbiras, the musical instrument intimately associated with possession ceremonies; his grandfather carved head rests; and his mother was a potter and his source of inspiration.
    • His music focuses on the social and economic issues that affect the daily lives of ordinary people, and is influenced by the traditional mbira and drumming rhythm of his clan.
    • The baseline is a humble, positive uplifting of Shona culture and values, which is why guitars, drums and horns take a back seat to the unassuming little mbira finger piano.