Translation of mealtime in Spanish:


hora de comer, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmilˌtaɪm//ˈmiːltʌɪm/


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    hora de comer feminine
    when's the next mealtime? ¿a qué hora es la próxima comida?
    • at mealtimes a la hora de comer
    • I had no sense of time any more; I didn't think it was a mealtime but I couldn't be sure.
    • Someone is trying to get something to eat before mealtime.
    • Thus, despite the proliferation of incredibly lavish kitchens, fewer and fewer Americans are at home even at mealtimes.
    • Within the family he was notorious for reading clips out of the paper at mealtimes to prevent conversation.
    • Southerners are the most likely to put their elbows on the table at mealtime, but they are the least likely to cut in line and the most likely to use courtesy titles.
    • With less-structured mealtimes, consumers are eating smaller amounts of food more regularly than three meals a day.
    • He hated mealtimes, especially with Aunt Bella watching over him, or Uncle Simon making comments.
    • The women ate familiar, everyday foods at mealtimes and for their evening snack.
    • At the sound of a bell, the men woke; another bell signaled mealtime; still another, work time; still another, meals and bedtime.
    • You rarely attend mealtime, and that is quite worrying to everyone.
    • Anne has taken to being quiet at mealtimes so that she is not criticized.
    • ‘We would have been looking for hotels that would do pack lunches and offer some flexibility with mealtimes,’ says Skelly.
    • He was also very hungry and Marion went outside to scold the maids for not remembering to bring him food at mealtimes.
    • In fact, the only times he would stay in the same room as them were at mealtimes.
    • At mealtimes you will go with me to the kitchens to pick up the food.
    • He stopped at normal mealtimes, but never had an appetite.
    • Matron was, eagerly it seemed, listening to their conversation, despite her attempts to keep herself to herself during mealtimes.
    • One of the high points of these summits, say participants, is mealtime.
    • In her family mealtimes, lively chatter was encouraged even when she was a young child.
    • I like having my family together at mealtimes, for the Lord knows the rest of the time we are separated.