Translation of mealy-mouthed in Spanish:


excesivamente comedido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmiliˌmaʊðd////ˈmiliˌmaʊθt/



  • 1

    excesivamente comedido
    con demasiados miramientos
    let's not be mealy-mouthed about it hablemos francamente
    • Instead, he has produced a mealy-mouthed, begrudging and long overdue response to the commitments made under the Good Friday Agreement.
    • Yet, despite this, they've managed to broaden the nervous-tic angst-rock of their previous band into something more readily adaptable without reducing it to mealy-mouthed pop regurge.
    • After a succession of mealy-mouthed CBI presidents, content to simmer on the back burner, Sir John, a former Jaguar boss, has roared his desire for the heat of battle.
    • Sadly, the record is nothing more than a mealy-mouthed rumination on Madonna's own superstardom.
    • At the same time there is a reaction to the mealy-mouthed media laziness that culturally equates ‘urban’ and ‘black’.
    • Rebecca is supposed to have her faults, such as being weak and mealy-mouthed.
    • I'm sick of all the mealy-mouthed mutts who want something for nothing.
    • Although he is not generally mealy-mouthed about such things, Trollope deliberately, it seems, casts a pall of racial and national ambiguity around Melmotte.
    • Was this, as the Standard was to allege, merely mealy-mouthed hypocrisy, a strategy to protect their immediate interests while searching elsewhere for more legitimate supplies of cocoa?
    • And, not to be too mealy-mouthed, it was not fun to use.
    • You're a bit mealy-mouthed and quiet to be a ‘juvenile delinquent’.
    • Support for women's reproductive rights is often carefully qualified or mealy-mouthed, if it is expressed at all.
    • Also, the mealy-mouthed reference to taxi deregulation is unworthy of the document.
    • How about his mealy-mouthed grandson, who seems like he is swallowing his words in asthmatic whelps?