Translation of meanderings in Spanish:


meandros, n.

Pronunciation /mɪˈandərɪŋz/

plural noun

  • 1

    (of river)
    meandros masculine
    • Radlauer places her palm on the map showing the Mississippi's meanderings.
  • 2

    (of speech, mind)
    divagaciones feminine
    • For example, the title track's obscured by excessive meandering, never giving any indication of the song's center, or the composition's significance.
    • Emerging from their apparently aimless meanderings came an essential truthfulness, a revelation of how things are.
    • Tash bemusedly watched the meanderings of her increasingly inebriated castmates as Richard and Hugo attempted to create a way to play checkers with beer bottle tops.
    • Combined with this talent, Sellers had an incredible ability to improvise and wander away from the script in wild comic meanderings, which, on many occasions, prevented his co-star from keeping a straight face.
    • The book is so full of events, meanderings, digressions, legends, conversations, and adventures, that a patient reader will never find his interest exhausted.
    • Unfortunately, the equality extends to the stilted acting, melodramatic meanderings, and too-convoluted plot twists of its erotic thriller pedigree.
    • Alas, she repeatedly hits the microphone to blast her listener with monotone meanderings, thus dampening the whole vibe.
    • I was stirred from my mental meanderings.
    • As such, his writings express the digressions, meanderings, meditations, ruminations and speculations that characterise a singular, idiosyncratic mind at work.
    • By concentrating on the issue of IRA arms, Trimble has returned to an old stomping ground already trodden bare with the meanderings of various politicians, military experts and intelligence operatives.
    • Bley offers four meditative meanderings that lull the listener in, before surprising them with a new and unexpected turn.
    • Bharat's character remains that of a confused young man, whose mental meanderings border on the morose.
    • After some scenes of topless women and some meanderings by the annoying characters, the mayhem starts.
    • For you, then, we offer the following statistical meanderings.
    • But the play belongs to its two male leads and when they are on stage you forgive Gray's elegant meanderings.
    • The songs return and gone is the half-baked amalgamation of in-jokes and dubwise meanderings.
    • And she closed the door somewhat forcefully to leave Charles in his moody meanderings.
    • Some comedy ensues, but mostly grating, nihilistic meanderings.