Translation of measurement in Spanish:


medición, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛʒəm(ə)nt//ˈmɛʒərmənt/


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    medición feminine
    the metric system of measurement el sistema métrico decimal
    • Some processes lend themselves more easily to measurement.
    • But error is a normal part of science, skepticism is its conscience, and control experiments uncover flaws in reasoning or measurement.
    • ‘Scientific management’ stresses careful planning, measurement, timing and monitoring of work as a precursor of industrial efficiency and harmony.
    • Fair and accurate accounting should be based on the actual measurement of an expenditure or receipt that is determined in cash.
    • The real difficulty on the contrary is that of precise measurement.
    • Precise information about tempo measurement before Beethoven's time is scarce.
    • The non-marginal elasticity involves measurement of the price and quantity demanded before and after the change.
    • There is no substitute for measurement and numerical accuracy.
    • In the above described procedure, the neoclassical assumptions and accurate measurement of inputs and outputs are of fundamental importance.
    • Lack of accurate audience measurement is a main hold-up.
    • Both the US and the UK are proposing and using x-ray scanners on people, but in the US this involves a diligent process of measurement for potential hazards, while in the UK they just get haphazardly deployed.
    • She says each antibody in a panel attaches to a different site on the cytokine, allowing accurate measurement.
    • Coring also will make crop insurance yield measurement more accurate since it tends to level the surface of the grain in the bin.
    • Strict limits on the ratio of punitive to compensatory damages would elevate the importance of accurate measurement of compensatory harm.
    • It might seem, at first glance, that we could perform capital accounting for an entire country using money prices, achieving at least the same accuracy of measurement as the businessman.
    • One big challenge is figuring out which activities are truly important and just how precise measurement should be.
    • Monthly data may allow more precise measurement of consumption responses to price changes that are obscured and averaged out through the use of annual data.
    • Upwards of 80 per cent of its people survive on subsistence farming, and in terms of generally accepted economic measurement they live in poverty.
    • But insinuating finance into a process that generally resists measurement can be daunting, if only because traditional accounting systems are not well suited to the task.
    • The two angled rollers support the stem for precise feeding and measurement, and five knives delimb cleanly and efficiently.
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    medida feminine
    leg measurement largo de pierna masculine
    • chest measurement contorno de pecho
    • waist measurement cintura
    • to take sb's measurements tomarle las medidas a algn
    • Though actual numbers vary by business, general measurements indicate that the ratio of the amount of tape to disk data for all data centers typically ranges between six and eight to one.
    • It is measured by league-tables of output, by comparative GDP figures and by productivity measurements published each week in the back of the Economist.
    • I have spent all morning taking your measurements Madame as the Count asked me to do.
    • Now the team's task is to identify the relationship between the conductivity measurements and factors that affect availability of water and nutrients.
    • As many as eight spots on the home page change each week, in response to measurements of consumer interest.
    • In any case, it's better to take a number of height measurements, throw out the outlying numbers, and average the rest.
    • This study looked at 342 men and women older than 65 who did not normally consume high amounts of calcium and whose BMD measurements were average for their age.
    • Power correction often is noted in the literature for a system, but we have seen radically different measurements relative to the published number.
    • The file went on to list genetic structures and things nobody really needed to know, such as clothing sizes, shoulder width, waist measurement, height, weight and other dated information.
    • These could not be ordinary handcuffs; they were too thick and tight-fitting, as though they had been specifically tailored for his measurements.
    • For one thing, SAP didn't have the functionality to support an apparel business, which sizes products based on multiple variables, such as inseam and waist measurements.
    • None of the other body measurements were different.
    • The toughest part of their work is the futility of using quantitative measurements to gauge performance.
    • If tree size within an orchard block is variable, then choose the measurements for the average size of the larger trees.
    • Consumers enter their measurements into the program, and create a personalized image, that can be used for trying on garments.
    • Data such as hip height measurements and muscle scores were also recorded.
    • You may escort him upstairs and have the tailor called in to take his measurements for the new garments.
    • And in the central Arctic, submarine measurements indicate that the average thickness has declined by 40 percent in recent decades.
    • She grabbed a stick and marked off different yard measurements for her sprints.
    • But some clothes marketers have discovered that they have had to go beyond physical measurements to satisfy consumers with apparel that fits.