Translation of meaty in Spanish:


a carne, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmidi//ˈmiːti/

adjectivemeatier, meatiest

  • 1

    (taste/smell) a carne
    (stew/soup) con mucha carne
    (rabbit/bone) carnoso
    (rabbit/bone) con mucha carne
    • A little while later, he could hear the sounds of something sizzling, and a rich, meaty smell began to dissipate through the air, setting his stomach to growling and reminding him of his hunger.
    • The second course of today's luxury five-course meal is something a bit heavier, more intensely flavoured and is nice and meaty.
    • In this case, they were far from trendy al dente vegetables and had a rich meaty, sharp flavour, which I would happily have had as a main course.
    • They're sort of meaty in appearance, like dried meat, they're cubed so you can break them away in sections.
    • He was right; they were meaty and flavorful, so she ate another.
    • The same recipe can be used for a meaty version too, by making tomato pasta sauce with mince, and leaving the pumpkin out of the cottage cheese mix.
    • I wanted them to serve me something meaty.
    • I stirred the meaty stew, to keep it from starting a thick skin on the top.
    • ‘No, nothing,’ Arven swallowed a bite of his meaty dish.
    • Here are two classic soups, easily made vegetarian or meaty, it's up to you!
    • I was glad when he left them because I was a vegetarian and didn't wish to partake of any beefy, meaty nonsense.
    • Plenty of crispy bits were matched by succulent meaty bits, superbly flavoured with honey soya and paper thin pancakes.
    • Then she is bustling away, a whirlwind of activity, testing a pot of meaty soup with a spoon that she pulls out of nowhere, sticking a sliver of wood into a rising cake in an open oven to check that it is cooking.
    • Nodding furiously, he furiously began to start serving the meaty soup to the peasants.
  • 2

    (hands/arms/shoulders) rollizo
    • Barnes slaps his meaty hand over the mouth of a soldier screaming from the searing pain of shrapnel and menacingly commands ‘Take the pain!’
    • I know she would have hated Marie, and that Marie was everything she wasn't, but I think that was kind of the point; French, tall, slightly meaty, and blonde, Marie is nothing like her.
  • 3

    (having substance)
    (article/book) sustancioso
    (book/article) enjundioso
    • But it lacks the meaty substance of its predecessors, and feels too fluffy, light, and simplistic to truly work.
    • It's good to see women of our age group like Linney, Julianne Moore and Patricia Clarkson get some meaty roles that allow them to have some sensuality.
    • To attract a cast like that, Mystic River had to offer some meaty roles.
    • It's an exercise in atmosphere that gives her a chance to sink her teeth into the meaty role of femme fatale Margaret.
    • She is a fine artist and has been much featured by ENO recently, but I wish that they could find a way of sharing these meaty dramatic roles between a number of singers.
    • It also offers Woronov her first meaty film role since Bartel's Scenes From the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills 13 years ago.
    • They have written meaty roles with levels upon levels of emotional response, and the cast embraced the challenge.
    • The work provides its singers with some meaty roles.
    • He also wrote the screenplay, and his ideas are meaty and interesting, but there are too many.
    • Blanchett, who is a damn good actress and a really pretty one, gets a meaty role on paper, as a disillusioned, pregnant and romantically confused woman.
    • Alongside these meaty Scottish roles, Wilson had a lot of work to do to make the most of Miles.
    • Nice to see awesome actors like Olmos and Alonso getting meaty roles that have nothing to do with their ethnicity.
    • Timon's the only really meaty role in the play; the rest of the characters, the senators and hangers-on, all seem a little interchangeable.
    • He also gives the subsidiary characters - a dim married couple and a meddlesome mother-in-law - meaty roles whose farce is grounded in wry truth.