Translation of mechanical in Spanish:


mecánico, adj.

Pronunciation /məˈkænək(ə)l//mɪˈkanɪk(ə)l/


  • 1

    (problem/failure/toy) mecánico
    (failure/toy/problem) maquinal
    • No measure of mechanical failure or infection was reported.
    • Although we can envisage building tiny machines, examples put forward to date tend to be versions of mechanical devices: gear wheels and the like.
    • Repair records showed that levels of mechanical damage to devices from the ward were higher than normal.
    • This is characteristic of the typewriter, a mechanical device.
    • The mechanical cooler operates on principles similar to a modern home refrigerator.
    • Freeze protection is a mechanical feature on exterior garden faucets.
    • The warm hand of the farmer has long been replaced by the cold, mechanical suction of an automated milking system.
    • Accelerometers are mechanical devices that respond to acceleration.
    • A variety of purely mechanical devices were used from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries to increase the size and capacity of the ear to conduct sound.
    • The research marks the first time an animal has been able to use brain power alone to operate a mechanical object.
    • His machines included mechanical devices for dredging, a mill to pump water and a device to pull ships over obstacles.
    • Much of the pleasure of real pinball comes from the physical interaction with a big, mechanical device and heavy ball bearings.
    • Any sabotage or mechanical failures would cause power cuts in Britain within days.
    • What ought to be a routine mechanical operation has become an altogether more difficult and complicated affair.
    • Police are investigating the incident involving a worker operating a mechanical street sweeper who was stopped by a gang of about eight youths.
    • And mechanical failure such as steering or suspension breakage could have you singing with the angels in seconds.
    • To avoid any mechanical failure in so complex a piece of machinery as well as avoid all potential accidents is remarkable.
    • A ratchet is a mechanical device that restricts movement in one direction and allows movement in the opposite direction.
    • Aviation safety experts have been analyzing data on the incident to determine if the cause was pilot error, weather or mechanical failure.
    • The mini mechanical sweeper operates on a daily basis in and around the pedestrian area and the mid city streets.
    • Accident investigators said there was no evidence of any mechanical failure and said the bus was travelling within the 40 mph speed limit.
    • Each apartment includes mechanical ventilation for automatic exhaust of stale air.
    • The pneumatic pump operated the mechanical heart and sustained Clark for 112 days.
    • A mechanical failure of the train's brake cylinder was at fault on that occasion.
    • It is not known if the helicopter was shot down or suffered mechanical problems, or if there were casualties.
    • Oil contamination would result from neglect of compressor maintenance, leading to mechanical failure.
    • The report concluded that although there was still a problem with the warning system for the landing gear, pilot error rather than mechanical failure was to blame for the crash.
    • We can expect that all valves, all mechanical devices, whatever they are, are going to have a failure at some stage.
    • Generally speaking, ensuing loss as a result of a breakdown is covered, but the mechanical failure itself isn't.
    • While hard disks have evolved over time, there is still always the danger of mechanical failure and the subsequent loss of all data on the drive.
    • A Brazilian government report on the accident blamed poor maintenance for a series of mechanical failures that led to the explosion.
    • The researchers took their inspiration from mechanical walking toys that automatically stroll down a slope in response to gravity.
    • It was the first low-cost, mass-marketed mechanical toothbrush.
    • He cannot even walk on his own and he is barely kept alive by a variety of mechanical devices.
    • This technology entails the construction of very tiny mechanical devices coupled to electrical sensors and actuators.
    • The wreckage is also likely to be examined to see if there was any mechanical failure with a particular focus on brakes and wheels.
    • It was very frustrating, but eventually I learned about the engine falling off, so I chalked it up to mechanical failure.
    • The mechanical gadget is operated by a spring which has to be cranked using a key.
    • To avoid failure because of mechanical problems, NASA carried out an extensive system design and test program.
    • The hallway stretched out before her, an infinite tunnel of grey sterility and mechanical deprivation.
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    (reply/action) mecánico
    • Again, hesitation overwhelmed Adam but, out of mechanical instinct, he took the hand.
    • Cora's sword never stopped moving, her movement automatic and mechanical.
    • The algorithms ran their determined courses, and our thoughts followed one after another, as mechanical and as predictable as the planets in their orbits.
    • He looked firmly at the villagers, who were heaping piles of straw around the lion with mechanical motions, as if they were going to burn it.
    • Most curious of all was the fact that he made the same mechanical gestures no matter what he was saying.
    • Albert, Jr., I think, is a little too mechanical, not as spontaneous as he ought to be.
    • But are birds unfeeling, mechanical songsters, driven to sing but never understanding what it is they do?
    • Deep in concentration Em hung her keys on the wall and walked to the kitchen, where she grabbed an apple, all in mechanical motions.
    • In a mechanical motion, Adam tipped the bottles over the glasses and a steady stream of foamy beer poured into them.
    • Tora brushed it off, but her words had sounded so mechanical it looked as though Tora had practiced saying them over and over again.
    • Pearls of wisdom leave our mouths every day in an unthinking and mechanical manner.
    • Everything I had been doing in the past was too mechanical, too forced.
    • Consequently, sex routinely becomes mechanical, unfeeling, and unfulfilling.