Translation of meddlesome in Spanish:


entrometido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛdlsəm//ˈmɛd(ə)ls(ə)m/


  • 1

    (person) entrometido
    (remark) indiscreto
    • Then there are some who are merely meddlesome and intrusive in the dressing room.
    • The Government has become more intrusive, more coercive, more meddlesome, and less effective.
    • It was just another boring city, filled with meddlesome people and merchants who like to drag you to their stands against your wishes, insisting that you buy something outrageously overpriced.
    • If foreigners find the United States to be too meddlesome, it isn't because of our unmatched military power.
    • But that's how the government, which seems to get bigger and more meddlesome by the week, set it up.
    • For once, those meddlesome noses are actively welcome.
    • Social workers are seen as meddlesome and health service managers as hard-hearted.
    • So, anyway, to avoid suspicion, I had to invite that meddlesome girl, too.
    • She is unhappy, bossy, meddlesome, and possessive.
    • Much of this is due to the government's meddlesome social engineering.
    • He also gives the subsidiary characters - a dim married couple and a meddlesome mother-in-law - meaty roles whose farce is grounded in wry truth.
    • I don't want it to be tricky or messy, and I certainly don't want that meddlesome idiot in the way.
    • But to Barry, he could seem like just another meddlesome boss.
    • With a less than brilliant director, ham actors and a meddlesome newcomer, will it ever reach opening night?
    • With troops in 70 percent of the world's countries we are naturally perceived as the most meddlesome of nations.
    • It's perfectly capable of remaining in its own time-warped bubble without help from its meddlesome friends.
    • In doing so, they waste money, intimidate doctors, clog up the system and draw in the meddlesome fools in Westminster.
    • The broadcast will be live and unfiltered - unfiltered, at least, by meddlesome journalists.
    • She was, after all, only one meddlesome old woman.
    • She had to do without the family she had relied on for her entire life: an overbearing, vicious mother, irritating brothers, meddlesome cousins, and so on.