Translation of mediate in Spanish:


mediar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈmidiˌeɪt//ˈmiːdɪeɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    actuar de mediador
    to mediate in a dispute mediar / actuar de mediador en un conflicto
    • He says that the army and the police who mediate between the settlers and the villagers are no good.
    • While asked to mediate between the rival families of Lusignan and Angoulême, he married the Angoulême heiress Isabella, who had been betrothed to Hugh de Lusignan.
    • She revealed that moves were afoot to send in a representative of the Irish Coastguard Service to mediate between the two sides in about two weeks time to sort out the situation.
    • The Councillor has stepped in to mediate between the council and worried library-goers at a meeting due to take place on Tuesday.
    • Their primary role is to mediate between the bosses and the workers.
    • The licensing unit will mediate between the two parties if there are objections and appeals will be heard by a committee of councillors and, if the licence is still disputed, by magistrates.
    • And Clinton told Indian lawmakers that Washington has no intention to mediate between India and Pakistan.
    • It was Spring who proposed the establishment of an international body to mediate between the parties.
    • Public opinion in Europe strongly supported the Greek struggle and the governments of Britain, France, and Russia signed a protocol agreeing to mediate between the Greeks and Turks.
    • I asked what attempt had been made to mediate between dissatisfied community members and the school staff and council.
    • The authority would then attempt to mediate between the two neighbours and find a compromise.
    • He is now attempting to mediate between the two sides.
    • The tumult subsided only after the city's notables began to mediate between the two sides; as a final victory, the official was forced to offer a public apology.
    • Consumer complaints will be investigated by a complaints officer, who will mediate between the consumer and the supplier to try and reach resolution.
    • He tried to mediate between the factions.
    • He was a member of John Smith's leadership team and his diplomatic skills were used to mediate between Peter Mandelson and Gordon Brown at the height of their feud.
    • Meanwhile, the US is offering to mediate between Pakistan and Afghanistan after a border clash between the two last week.
    • When, for example, a dispute arises between two lineages over access to a source of water, elders of a neutral lineage will travel to mediate between the warring groups.
    • His cousin Charlie feels responsible and tries to mediate between Johnny Boy and Michael the loan shark.
    • Again, it was the patron's role to mediate between the artist and the press, ensuring a harmonious relationship on both sides.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (bring about)
    (agreement/cease-fire) (actuando como mediador) lograr
    • Prime Minister Tony Blair has aligned Britain with the US invasion plans, while attempting to mediate an agreement with the rest of the European Union.
    • Peres said any solution would have to be mediated with Egypt, which has offered to send 750 border guards to the area to prevent weapons smuggling.
    • European leaders traveled to Kiev to mediate a political solution between the parties.
    • Russia is part of the so-called quartet that is trying to mediate a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    • The secretary of the Thai Olympic committee mediated an agreement where the athletes were to be reinstated.
    • He has also helped mediate peace talks in Burundi.
    • Their unions have asked the Labor Ministry to mediate a solution to their back pay and wage demands.
    • The IRC, which under Abbott's regime has no right to mediate an agreement, has accused her of failing to bargain in good faith.
    • Efforts to mediate and achieve peace by organisations including the United Nations ‘seem at best only to bring a brief respite from all-out fighting’.
    • No other major power in history has expended so much diplomatic effort, over so many decades, to try to mediate peace among foreign nations.
    • There were his unsuccessful efforts in 1915 and 1916 to mediate a peace among the Great Powers.
    • In villages many problems are never reported to the police but are still settled by local custom and mutual agreement mediated by recognized leaders.
    • The World Bank mediated a solution to the Indus River dispute, resulting in negotiation of the 1960 Indus Waters Treaty.
    • U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt mediated the treaty agreement and won a Nobel Peace Prize for his role in creating the Treaty of Portsmouth.
    • Hays attempted to resolve the growing school conflict by mediating an agreement between Faubus and the federal government.
    • He tried to mediate a peaceful solution to the Lebanese civil war in the 1980s, and was instrumental in securing the Taif Accord of 1989.
    • China's refusal to leave the reef has prompted the Philippines to ‘internationalize’ the issue, urging the United Nations to mediate a solution.
    • He was able to help mediate a solution to the problem of that time.
    • Political outcomes are dislocated from the intentions or hopes of individual politicians, as resolutions are mediated between dozens of players and hundreds of officials.
    • During the past eight years, several power-sharing arrangements have been mediated without long-term solutions.
  • 2literary

    • Focus on the power of Christ's speech, which is mediated through scripture and the witness of the Spirit.
    • Here we find a greater reliance upon the power of the church and this power is mediated by a very strange and special figure.
    • Of course, organizations form part of wider power fields and, thus, mediate those power relations to engaged anthropologists and our collaborators.
    • In an alien environment, holding on to a meaningful life includes embracing icons, for they mediate power and provide powerful resources for connection and continuity.
    • Hence any communication mediated by an information infrastructure constitutes a transaction.
    • A more ethnographic approach would have shed some important light on how the Navajo community mediated the changes.
    • The process was mediated by the class structure, the role of the state, and the acquisition and use of power by professions.
    • She, too, can give praise to the ‘God of Israel’ whose healing power has been mediated through an Israelite healer.
    • We can show how the resulting infrastructure mediates social power, and how activists can intervene in the process.
    • First, Mormons often assumed that the social meaning of material goods would both emerge from and be mediated by the local community.
    • GPCRs are involved in cell communication processes and in mediating such senses as vision, smell, taste, and pain.