Translation of medic in Spanish:


médico, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛdɪk//ˈmɛdɪk/



  • 1

    médico masculine
    médica feminine
    • Equally, though no-one would begrudge mature students retraining as medics, it is fanciful to suppose that they alone can make up the shortfall.
    • After decades of isolation, Iraq's 32 000 doctors and medics need to update their knowledge.
    • They include a surgeon, an emergency physician, intensive care specialists, nurses and medics.
    • The ship's operating theatre and 36-bed hospital saw doctors, nurses and medics stream aboard and become a hive of activity.
    • Instead, they say, the trained medics will be able to ease pressure on overstretched emergency hospital units.
    • A Muslim hospital chaplain has teamed up with Bradford medics to help deliver health services sensitive to cultural needs.
    • He was rushed to Malton Hospital, but medics were unable to save him.
    • They will be accompanied by an initial medical team which includes two doctors and four medics.
    • The episode ends with Paul's unprovoked and vicious assault on the medics.
    • The public may love its angels but it holds its medics in awe.
    • She was discharged from hospital on Sunday after medics had stitched-up her head wound.
    • Meetings are also held with all senior medics involved in a patient's treatment.
    • Doctors and medics treated victims at the scene as other rescue workers cut trapped passengers from the wreckage.
    • For the next two and a half days, the boy remained in the intensive care ward while doctors, nurses and medics helped him recover.
    • ‘You're suffering from acute stress,’ said the medics who registered her illness as acute anxiety neurosis.
    • One firefighter suffered burns to his neck, and was treated by ambulance medics at the scene.
    • He has completed 11 years service and is a trained medic.
    • The medics warn of an acute shortage of anaesthetists and a shortfall of 500 GPs by 2012.
    • Throughout the film, the pair are forced to grapple with ethical dilemmas about their role as medics.
    • They are arresting medics and ambulance drivers, including foreign volunteer medical workers.
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    estudiante de medicina feminine
  • 3

    • Burnham is a medic in the Army's 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division at Fort Lewis, Wash.
    • In World War II he served as a medic in the Army Air Forces at the Walter Reed Hospital.
    • Smathers, who grew up with six sisters, said he was inspired to serve in the military by his father, who was an Army medic in World War II.
    • At the centre of the hearings is Schmidt and Umbach's admission that they had taken the amphetamine Dexedrine, dispensed by Air Force medics.
    • In 1956, he was drafted by the Army Medical Corp. to serve overseas as a medic at a clinic in Germany.