Translation of medicament in Spanish:


medicamento, n.

Pronunciation /məˈdɪkəmənt//ˈmɛdəkəˌmɛnt//mɪˈdɪkəm(ə)nt//ˈmɛdɪkəm(ə)nt/



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    medicamento masculine
    • While providing herbal and mineral medicaments, he also used psychosomatic medicine as well as what is today called spiritual healing.
    • The well-known illegibility of the prescription scripts frequently makes it impossible for a curious patient even to guess at the nature of the medicament.
    • The compound paroxetine is known and has been used in medicaments for treating, amongst other ailments, depression.
    • Not only was the existing market valuable and expanding, but there was a great potential for further expansion if a more acceptable medicament could be found and these facts were well-known.
    • This invention relates to a medicament for producing an anabolic or growth promoting state in a mammal.
    • Physicians avoid prescribing a medicament on this special prescription, especially when it is expensive and health insurance companies are not willing to provide reimbursement for the treatment.
    • Those of us who grew up after the war remember olive oil as something that came in tiny bottles from Boots and was used as some kind of medicament.
    • Three years ago the South African government proposed a clause in their Medicines Act which would authorise the manufacture of generic AIDS drugs and other medicaments in South Africa.
    • For example, prescription costs may be high if different medicaments are needed for different body sites, and patients need to know that prepayment certificates can reduce the costs of prescriptions.
    • The amount of the medicament in her bloodstreams was 16 times toxic levels, and it looked as if a liver transplantation might be necessary, but no liver compatible with her age and size was to be found.
    • They have in the recent past included sugar, maize and maize seed, beef, stockfeed, cement, tobacco, some medicaments and cosmetics.
    • The medicament may then be incorporated into the ointment.
    • It also paid for the supply of expensive medicaments until the end of the year.
    • An inhalation device is provided for inhalation of a powder medicament.
    • Use of a compound of claim 1 for preparing a medicament for treating inflammation or an inflammation-associated disorder.
    • Yet some rather toxic metals, albeit in insoluble form, have been used as medicaments: Bismuth, for example, as an antacid.
    • They are often used either as adornment, or as an ingredient in potions, unguents or medicaments when crushed into powder.
    • The actual medicament that is said to be suitable for treatment is produced in the patient under the supervision of the medical team.
    • Before beginning the omelette, she reached up to a top shelf, brought down a tin full of medicaments, took out a pill bottle, shook two into her hand, poured a glass of water, and brought them to Kirstie.