Translation of medicine in Spanish:


medicamento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛds(ə)n//ˈmɛdɪsɪn//ˈmɛdəsən/


  • 1

    medicamento masculine
    medicina feminine
    remedio masculine Latin America
    before noun medicine bottle frasco de remedio masculine Latin America
    • medicine box / cabinet botiquín
    • medicine chest botiquín
    • medicine dropper gotero medicinal
    • All the review really shows is the lack of good quality research on over the counter cough medicines.
    • In less urgent cases, treatment by medicines and vitamins may be a better option.
    • Inappropriate use of many medicines has led to ineffective treatment and drug resistance.
    • Treatments include preventative medicines and those for use in acute attacks.
    • She gave me her food and used the medicine to make me feel better.
    • They will ask you questions about your current and past health and any medicines you are taking.
    • There are some medicines that can be useful to keep at home in case of minor accidents.
    • She said several of the people were on medication and had not been able to take their medicines.
    • Special restrictions exist on the prescription of medicines for drug addicts.
    • If there are no improvements after several weeks, other medicines can be tried.
    • Lock up all drugs and medicines securely in a bathroom cabinet where they can't be reached.
    • If you remain well while on the medicines, the treatment should be continued.
    • He or she may prescribe medicines, depending on the type of symptoms and their severity.
    • Drug companies are also striving to develop new medicines to treat unmet needs.
    • She recommends taking the medicine with food at the first sign of cramping or nausea.
    • They understand the use of medicines because they are dealing with them all the time.
    • Store medicines, vitamins and other potential poisons out of the reach of children.
    • The use of many complementary and alternative medicines remains controversial.
    • Early uses were medical, but it gradually came to be accepted as a food rather than a medicine.
    • The most effective medicines aim to restore the balance of serotonin in the brain.
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    medicina feminine
    to practice medicine ejercer la medicina
    • to study medicine estudiar medicina
    • The challenge is to develop models of care integrating nephrology and geriatric medicine.
    • This has enabled me to learn at first hand about the practice of medicine.
    • After a varied career he decided to study medicine and entered general practice.
    • The practice of medicine must comply with modern ethical standards.
    • The holistic therapies might lead medicine back towards the holism of the ancient systems.
    • Possible adverse events were detected by two nurses in medicine and surgery and two midwives in obstetrics.
    • These principles subsequently formed the basis of good medical practice in Western medicine.
    • I had recently been appointed as senior registrar in respiratory medicine and was keen to impress.
    • Concern increased about the gap between academic medicine and practice.
    • A few of them were practitioners of herbal medicine but most were ordinary, conventional citizens.
    • It may very well be that gene therapy is medicine's future; indeed our own future.
    • It is also useful for students and teachers of medicine and the biomedical sciences.
    • He said they planned to take on extra clinicians in respiratory medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology.
    • Compared to the natural sciences and medicine, psychology is a relatively new field.
    • That is sad because it negatively changes how medicine is practiced in this country.
    • The interdependence is particularly evident in science and medicine.
    • As in all things in medicine, medical diagnosis requires prudence, and more than a modicum of common sense.
    • Until then, I had considered medicine as merely a science used to heal human bodies.
    • There are many areas in which expectations differ over the practice of medicine.
    • A sound knowledge of medical ethics is essential to the good practice of medicine.