Translation of medicine ball in Spanish:

medicine ball

pelota medicinal, n.


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    pelota medicinal feminine
    • For a real challenge, hold a medicine ball over your head as you do this exercise.
    • Sit on a stability ball and hold a medicine ball with both hands.
    • He worked with a medicine ball, developing power through his legs and hips.
    • Lie on your back with a light medicine ball in both hands, knees bent in toward your chest.
    • Sit upright on a stability ball, holding a weighted medicine ball with both hands.
    • Stand with a medicine ball between your thighs, just above your knees.
    • There was one girl who used to throw the medicine ball right at my head, and I would get hit all of the time.
    • Grasp a medicine ball in both hands, then sit on a stability ball with your knees bent and your feet fiat on the floor.
    • The remaining three require the use of a medicine ball.
    • This is where the medicine ball enters your home gym.
    • Amber stands with her feet wider than shoulder-width apart and holds a medicine ball in front of her abs.
    • Stand a few feet from a partner and have him stand on a bench and toss a medicine ball from over his head to your chest.
    • Hold a lightweight medicine ball over your head, arms bent.
    • The medicine ball has remained an exercise staple for decades, and for strengthening your core, there's nothing better.
    • We've used the medicine ball, martial-arts routines and elastic bands to accomplish this.
    • Adding weight, like a medicine ball, to your exercises is an effective way to fatigue your muscles, he adds.
    • Increase the difficulty by moving up to a larger medicine ball over time.
    • As you become stronger, place a small medicine ball between your ankles of knees (wherever you can get the best grip).
    • Maintain a wide stance for balance and hold a medicine ball in both hands in front of you.
    • An example of a good way to increase upper-body strength with plyometrics is to use a medicine ball with a partner.