Translation of medico in Spanish:


galeno, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛdɪkəʊ//ˈmɛdɪˌkoʊ/


dated, slang

  • 1

    galeno masculine literary humorous
    • However, house calls are probably the most dangerous part of being a medico.
    • The research team were mainly medicos, from Harvard University, the University of California, and the University of Newcastle.
    • Every time a doctor gives an opinion, the medico concerned has to be ready to back it up with some serious facts.
    • The Visitors' Book was full of the names of other dewy-eyed medicos from all over the world on a similar pilgrimage.
    • And so gradually medicos are taking on acupuncture, practising it themselves, and there's an increased acceptance of it.
    • Among medicos, there was a saying: ‘Cure is a rule if you catch it early, and cure is rare if you catch it late.’
    • We medicos spend so much time dealing with the ‘down’ side of life, that it is easy to forget the ‘up’ side.
    • What wonderfully comforting people we medicos are.
    • Woodward's huge back-up party of coaches, administrators, medicos and other technical and support staff was announced last week.
    • This doctor (the first medico I've seen weigh in on the matter) says that isn't correct.
    • The medicos said there had been numerous cases of meningitis since 1971 caused by people eating garden snails or slugs.
    • I am convinced that this rather suspect bunch of up-and-coming medicos could find even an elbow humerus.
    • Once we are reintroduced to our mad medicos, the movie meanders from one effects shot to another.
    • Let's hope the medicos get to the bottom of the problems and give him an easier life.
    • She is given eight months of intensive chemotherapy, a slim chance of reprieve, and an excellent opportunity to provide medicos with ruthless experimentation.
    • When sickness does arrive they can be used to complement the medico's treatment.
    • We medicos are good at handing out advice, but not too many of us follow our own wise words.
    • She comes from a long line of medicos - her father was a pathologist and two uncles were radiologists.
    • And like many others who had to begin life afresh, the boy initially started selling medical books to young medicos.
    • Betty, the eldest and headed for spinsterhood, works as a nurse for Mike, a middle-aged medico married to the middle sister, Ann, who is pregnant and unhappy.