Translation of Mediterranean in Spanish:


mediterráneo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌmɛdətəˈreɪniən//ˌmɛdɪtəˈreɪnɪən/


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    the Mediterranean (Sea) el (mar) Mediterráneo
  • 2

    the Mediterranean el Mediterráneo
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    mediterráneo masculine
    mediterránea feminine
    • For Mediterraneans, the law is a strong suggestion, something that one should usually obey, but that can be ignored or shortcircuited if to do so makes sense or is particularly advantageous.
    • It would be like imagining that ancient Mediterraneans thought and behaved like middle class Americans.
    • I sat in the back looking out at the mayhem and wished, once again, that we drove like the Mediterraneans.
    • The Mediterraneans tend to be more feisty and flighty.
    • Greeks, Italians, and other Mediterraneans cook their vegetables in olive oil or drizzle it over salads to enhance their flavor.
    • Africans, Asians and Latin Americans now roam the streets alongside Mediterraneans, other Europeans, native Australians and the many-generationed Anglo-Australians.
    • South Pacific Islanders have their virgin coconut oil, Mediterraneans their olive oil and Native Americans their mineral springs and mud baths.
    • Coded onto female faces and bodies were the Frenchness of fashionability, the Englishness of hygiene, and the sensuousness of Orientals and Mediterraneans.
    • The theory bolstered the split between old and new immigrants, complicating it only slightly: the old immigrants were primarily comprised of Nordics while the new immigrants were dominated by Alpines and Mediterraneans.