Translation of medium in Spanish:


mediano, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmidiəm//ˈmiːdɪəm/


  • 1

    (size) mediano
    small, medium or large? ¿pequeño, mediano o grande?
    • a person of medium height/build una persona de estatura / talla media / mediana/de complexión normal
    • of medium difficulty de un grado medio de dificultad
    • He was described as a man in his late 30s, taller than average, of medium build with short dark hair and who spoke with no discernible accent.
    • This product is suitable for most small to medium size businesses that require full stock control and sales and purchase order processing.
    • There is a certain amount of research that has no clear medium term pay off that is funded by governments.
    • They seemed to be of medium length and one them had been pulled from the root, making a DNA check possible.
    • Its bill is of medium length for a shorebird, and it has short, yellow legs.
    • In addition about 90% of the quota was taken up by producers in the small to medium size categories.
    • Many military installations are in or near small or medium size towns that can't absorb such a loss.
    • They are about the size of a medium collie dog, but their tail is round and bushy and is carried straight out below the level of their back.
    • My medium length black hair was left out in bouncy curls today.
    • I smiled and ruffled her medium length light brown hair slightly.
    • In captivity, the hawk-headed parrot has a life span comparable to most other medium size parrots.
    • She looked to be in her mid-thirties and had medium length brown hair.
    • Her medium length brown hair was loose and hung over her back.
    • He had medium length shaggy black hair and bright green eyes.
    • The first man was white, in his late teens, 5ft 10 in tall, of medium build, with fair short hair.
    • She has fair medium length straight hair and blue eyes.
    • She had a slim build and medium length, fashionably styled blonde hair.
    • He is described as being medium build with a fair complexion and light brown hair.
    • Her hair was medium length and brown, and she walked gracefully.
    • These policies will inevitably lead to an extremely painful property market shake-out in the near to medium term.
  • 2

    (steak) a punto
    (steak) término medio Mexico


  • 1plural media

    (means, vehicle)
    medio masculine
    advertising media medios publicitarios / de publicidad masculine
    • through the medium of the press a través de la prensa
    • medium of exchange medio de pago
    • Later, increasing numbers of literati acknowledged the folding fan as a medium for showing off their expertise in writing and painting.
    • The meetings provide a medium for local councillors to raise the issues of their electorate on a more intimate basis with Council officials.
    • The company began as a medium for senior dancers to perform.
    • We could get more things done, since television would not be a medium of entertainment but rather of information alone.
    • The idea of using newspapers as a medium of education goes back to the 18th century.
    • Accordingly, money is brought forth into society to be used as a medium of exchange to facilitate the trade of goods of all kinds.
    • He then shifts to the use of gold in Greece, Rome, and Byzantium, initially as adornment but later as a medium of exchange.
    • Mostly, it was a medium for the well-off to talk among themselves.
    • The internet ‘should be a medium for unbridled self-expression’, not an amplifier of fears.
    • A common answer is ‘anything that can be used as a medium of exchange’.
    • Chatrooms have always been popular on the internet as they provide a medium for people with similar interests to meet and discuss their opinions.
    • It was a medium for collaboration and interaction between individuals without regard of geographic location, she said.
    • As we built it, the library became a medium for us to design our own structure of how subjects and ideas flow.
    • To use TV as a medium of education will yield rich dividends.
    • We are simply providing a medium for people to tell us their experiences in confidence and presenting them to the public who can then make up their own minds.
    • Which means, theatre is not just a medium for entertainment, but a reaction to the intense and complex realities around us.
    • Others do not, saying that they are not bookmakers, but a medium for bets between consenting adults.
    • No asset since gold in the 19th century enjoys such broad acceptance as both a medium of exchange and a store of value as the dollar.
    • Given a medium of exchange, people can trade even if their wants and needs don't directly coincide.
  • 2plural media

    • 2.1(environment)

      medio (ambiente) masculine
      • The basal cut surface was left in the nutrient medium.
      • Organic matter plays an important complementary role, especially on very sandy soils where it is practically the only medium for nutrient and water storage.
      • Uptake activity depends on the growth phase of the cultured cells whereas the culture medium had no effect on uptake.
      • Eggs were collected during 8 h periods in cultured bottles containing standard medium.
      • This would also increase the sloughing off of cell wall surface polymers in the culture medium.
      • Pollen was sprinkled on the media by gently tapping a set of three flowers directly above the surface of the medium in each Petri dish.
      • Typically, by the end of batch culture nutrients in the medium would be considerably depleted.
      • In doing so, this mucus becomes a culture medium for further bacterial growth, aggravating the state of recurrent infections.
      • Cells were separated from the culture medium by centrifugation at 100 g for 1 min at 4°C.
      • The objective of this study was to develop a suitable medium to improve in vitro pollen germination in pigeonpea.
      • Alkaloid levels were determined both in the roots and in the culture medium after a culturing period of 28 d.
      • Serial dilutions of the test solutions with culture medium were prepared before in vitro assay.
      • The culture medium was changed after 24 h and from then on three times a day.
      • The culture medium covering the cells was purged with pure nitrogen gas for 4 h.
      • Blood is a great medium for the bacteria that causes gonorrhea.
      • The world ocean is what laboratory scientists would call a culture medium, the largest petri dish known to mankind.
      • Addition of Chinese medicines into the culture medium will significantly affect bone cell metabolism.
      • The culture medium in the glass containers was exchanged every 2 days.
      • In plant cell culture, the addition of exogenous sugar to the culture medium is an absolute necessity for nearly all tissues.
      • This occurs when colonic bacteria accumulate above the obstructing lesion and flourish in a nutrient medium.

    • 2.2(for growing cultures)

      caldo de cultivo masculine

    • 2.3(preserving fluid)

      sustancia utilizada para la conservación de especímenes animales y vegetales

    • 2.4(solvent)

      diluyente masculine
      • We carry a large range of dry pigments, oils and mediums.
      • When a pigment has a high scattering power in relation to the medium, the paint will be dense and opaque in appearance.

  • 3

    (middle position)
    punto medio masculine
    to strike a happy medium between formality and familiarity lograr un término medio entre la formalidad y la excesiva confianza
  • 4plural mediums

    (person who contacts spirits)
    médium feminine
    medio masculine
    • He asserts that this work supports the mediums ' claims that they are actually communicating with the dead.
    • Other religious practitioners include spirit mediums and shamans, most of whom are women.
    • I do not let spirits enter my body and speak through me, though some psychics and mediums work this way.
    • Spiritualist mediums are predominantly women who hold divinations and seances in their homes; many have become successful and even wealthy.
    • If an authentic medium detects a spirit that is present, they will try and convince it to move on.
    • Just a few days ago, I sat down with a woman who is a medium, and we got to talking about spirits and ghosts.
    • This work, by Professor Richard Wiseman, involved asking five mediums to contact the dead relatives of five volunteers.
    • Nigel's devastated parents made a number of attempts to contact their son through mediums and the spiritualist church.
    • Today's most successful mediums, however, simply claim the dead communicate through them.
    • As a spiritual medium, telephone readings are available at a very affordable price.
    • This man did not claim to be a medium but, nonetheless, believed he had talked many times with the spirit of Doyle.
    • Did the medium really tell you that your dead father's name was William?
    • Such beliefs are not confined to rural areas; in the cities there is a network of spirit mediums who claim to contact the dead.
    • A male medium contacted the owner in 1985 and disclosed that the dead Hessian soldier had visited him in a dream.
    • After making an international name for himself, he spent several years exposing phony spiritualists and mediums.
    • Most people who go to a medium or a spiritualist church have lost someone and want to find out that this person is okay.
    • Clients of mediums who claim to get messages from the dead are very highly motivated clients.
    • During the winter of 1978, the owner was contacted by a professional medium.
    • He claims he is a medium for holy spirits who talk to him in their dreams.
    • Soon, half the audience is crying, convinced the medium has made contact.