Translation of meek in Spanish:


dócil, adj.

Pronunciation /mik//miːk/

adjectivemeekest, meeker

  • 1

    manso literary
    meek and mild como una malva
    • The vicar is distraught, but too meek and mild to withstand his determined churchwarden.
    • I wanted to see who would choose to enter and how mean or meek people would be.
    • He really believes that women are so meek that we are unable to stand our ground against the onslaught of male debate.
    • One of the scientists said that when he fed the chemical to lab rats, they would become completely meek and docile.
    • In his youth as a young priest in Banada he was a powerful man in stature, but meek and mild as a child.
    • In the same way that people can be too meek, they can also be too aggressive.
    • Her bosses are mean to her, she's kind of meek, and doesn't have any friends in the city.
    • Possibly he seems a little too meek, and should stand up for himself a bit more.
    • Steve had played games with her mind, and she had been meek and submissive.
    • Saskia was active and roamed around her cot, lively and feeding hungrily, while Helena was meek, quiet and still.
    • She was not surprised, however, at the meek way in which the fallen dictator surrendered.
    • Mama is usually very meek and mild, but every once in a while, her true strength surfaces.
    • The owner rules both workers and family with a rod of iron but one of his daughters rebels by falling in love with his meek shop assistant.
    • What did the Government members on that committee say, in meek, quiet voices?
    • But beyond their meek and bland exterior the Smalls inhabit another world.
    • Toni shook his hand, a firm handshake at that, and gave him a meek smile.
    • One can be quiet, meek and fun, while the other snarls, bites and attacks everything.
    • From beginning to end they remained meek and respectful in the presence of their mother and aunt.
    • Where your every cell cries out to be meek, you force yourself to be brash.
    • They are ultra-competitive on the field but meek and mild and very polite off the field.