There are 2 main translations of meet in Spanish

: meet1meet2


encontrarse con, v.

Pronunciation /mit//miːt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(encounter)

      encontrarse con
      I met her yesterday on my way to the bank me encontré con ella ayer cuando iba al banco
      • I'm meeting her in Paris on Saturday me voy a encontrar con ella el sábado en París
      • I arranged to meet him at the club quedé de encontrarme con él en el club
      • meet me on the corner at 6 o'clock encontrémonos en la esquina a las 6
      • I met him for a drink at the hotel nos encontramos en el hotel para tomar una copa
      • to meet sb halfway / in the middle llegar a un arreglo con algn
      • Just as death is the end result of living, we will meet many traumatic experiences in our lives.
      • Mohammed said it was an unfortunate and sad case, as Alexander met his death in an attempt to defend his sister's honour.
      • Yorkshire Catholics mourned the Pope yesterday in the same way he met his own death - serenely, with a brave heart and no fuss.
      • Our children don't need to meet those selfish attitudes behind a steering wheel.
      • He met his death on the fourth anniversary of his arrival in this country.
      • He said conflicting medical evidence presented by the prosecution meant the jury could not be sure how the former paratrooper met his death.
      • In all the time we have been booking courses we have not met this attitude before.
      • He said someone may have seen Mr Turner taking £20 out of a nearby cash machine minutes before he met his death.
      • That night I returned to the scene where young Darragh met his tragic death.
      • Very, very few companies have long and uninterrupted growth records, and even those companies eventually meet problems.
      • So, in an appropriate case, the inquest's task was to discover by what means and in what circumstances the deceased had met his death.
      • They hadn't met any problems yet, but they had to be careful with every action they conducted.
      • There is no evidence that he had met a violent death.
      • Four men met their deaths in a tragic accident as they worked on the West Coast Mainline at Tebay, in the early hours of Sunday morning.
      • Ironically, Mr Egan's resting place is overlooked by the field where he met his untimely death in an electrocution.
      • It becomes particularly important when the relationship meets an impasse.
      • A Scottish sailor met his death when he fell overboard from his yacht off the Mayo coast, an inquest in Ballina was told.

    • 1.2

      (welcome) recibir
      (collect on arrival) ir a buscar
      he came out to meet me salió a recibirme
      • she met her guests at the door recibió a los invitados en la puerta
      • the whole village turned out to meet her todo el pueblo / el pueblo entero salió a recibirla
      • she saw me coming and ran to meet me me vio llegar y corrió a mi encuentro
      • he met me off the train me fue a buscar / a esperar a la estación
      • don't bother to come and meet me no te molestes en ir a buscarme / a esperarme
      • I'll send Peter to meet the train/plane mandaré a Peter a buscarte (/ buscarlos etc. ) / a recogerte (/ recogerlos etc. ) a la estación/al aeropuerto
      • We drove into the main bazaar, fully expecting some of these functionaries to be waiting to meet us.
      • Gillespie's comments were met with mixed reactions at the Scottish Open, finishing today at Loch Lomond.
      • But on both occasions the bans were met with extremely successful defiance.
      • Also, a similar service was proposed to run to Cheddington Station to meet hotel guests arriving by train.
      • If they try to raise above a certain level, they are met with very strong resistance.
      • The office, one of the most militant in London, met the announcement with a spontaneous one-day walkout.
      • When she meets me off the train at Tain, I immediately think: David Bowie.
      • When I travel to Crewe to meet the Tommys, an as-yet unsigned all-girl pop-punk quartet, their manager Paul meets me off the train.
      • Upon completion, however, the film was met with mixed reaction partly due to its extreme length and somewhat ponderous nature.
      • The public often met their claims with a heavy dose of skepticism.
      • But perhaps just as telling was the widespread cynicism the scandal was met with.
      • They were met with a lukewarm reaction.
      • But the findings were met with a mixed reaction from lunchtime drinkers in the pavement bars and cafes of Manchester yesterday.
      • It was met with almost total indifference.

    • 1.3(oppose)

      (opponent/enemy) enfrentarse a
      • Five years ago when these two teams met it was a victory to Cranleigh by 39-10.
      • When next these teams meet it will be in Dublin in November with the Springboks at the end of their own long, hard road.
      • The men's second team met Leigh first who were just above them in the league.
      • Would it also remove the staleness that can grip a league in which teams can meet each other up to seven times in a season?
      • The Springboks would have an easier route through the competition, probably meeting France in the semis.
      • Even fewer arrests were made when the teams met two weeks later in the league.
      • This was the result they could have expected when the two teams met seven weeks ago.

  • 2

    (make acquaintance of)
    I'd like you to meet her me gustaría que la conocieras
    • she first met him at a party lo conoció en una fiesta
    • to meet new friends hacer nuevas amistades
    • John, meet Mr Clark John, le presento al señor Clark
    • pleased to meet you encantado (de conocerlo)
    • pleased to have met you encantado de haberlo conocido
    • nice meeting you mucho gusto
    • in the first chapter we meet Susan, a writer en el primer capítulo el autor nos presenta a Susan, una escritora
    • He is also an acquaintance of Raj, having met him in mid 2002.
    • I understand now, that we have to go through several acquaintances before we meet true friends.
    • During a spell at the Waiheke Post Office he met Jean, his wife of 45 years.
    • Her parents met him on the day she graduated.
    • On one such visit Muriel met her future husband Tom and they both settled in Dungarvan.
    • However confident you are, meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend's parents for the first time is always awash with tension.
    • During my time as press officer I met the Queen, the Queen Mother, Princess Anne and Captain Mark Philips.
    • He was so taken by her when he met her during her visit to Britain.
    • While down South he had met his future wife Alison, whose parents were from Doncaster, and the couple were interested in a move back North.
    • Four years ago Evan went into a chat room and met this girl who lives in Toronto, Canada.
    • Who would think we would meet someone who speaks Low German at a volleyball match in Hong Kong?
    • When I was four years old and I was living in Demon Central with my parents, I met a girl my age with golden hair and dazzling violet eyes.
    • He could never get up enough nerve to ask Terri out, and his odd hours interfered with meeting anyone.
    • I have never met this man, spoken to him or carried out any business dealings with him.
    • He wasn't at all fazed by meeting David and they chatted away quite normally.
    • The sky shifted in colors as she thought back to the duration of time about eleven years ago when she met her foster parents.
    • The only thing that she knew about her father was that he was an Italian chef visiting Britain when he met her mother.
    • If she had not already met my mother at parent teacher conferences, I was not going to enlighten her.
    • Her husband Matt spoke about how he met Anne in his early nursing days and subsequently married her.
    • He lived and worked in London, and met Patricia during a visit north with a friend, forming a sexual relationship with her.
  • 3

    • 3.1(come up against, experience)

      (obstacle/problems) encontrar
      (obstacle/problems) toparse con
      he would meet his death there allí habría de encontrar su muerte
      • she met her fate with dignity enfrentó su destino con dignidad
      • to be met by / with sth encontrarse con algo
      • on his return he was met by another crisis a su regreso se encontró con otra crisis
      • my proposals were met with blank refusals mis propuestas fueron rechazadas de plano
      • there's more to this than meets the eye esto es más complicado de lo que parece

    • 3.2(counter, respond to)

      she met their threats with defiance hizo frente desafiante a sus amenazas
      • she was met with enthusiastic applause fue recibida con calurosos aplausos

    • 3.3(match)

      we will meet any sum you raise igualaremos cualquier suma que ustedes recauden

  • 4

    (demands/wishes) satisfacer
    (deadline/quota) cumplir con
    (debt) satisfacer
    (debt) pagar
    (obligation) cumplir con
    he doesn't meet our requirements no reúne / no llena / no cumple nuestros requisitos
    • they will have to meet the cost themselves ellos mismos van a tener que hacerse cargo de los gastos
    • The Company does not currently have sufficient facilities available to it to meet these obligations.
    • First, there are not enough mental health services to meet the needs of patients.
    • Mr Sharp later worked on heating systems in construction projects, also ensuring health and safety conditions were met.
    • This is to ensure that there is sufficient money to meet its obligations.
    • Before going I contacted PPP, which assured me there would be no problem meeting a claim.
    • At the time this computer was selected, it met the requirements adequately to perform its intended function.
    • Port charges were generally revised upward to meet debt obligations.
    • St David's Cathedral already meets the requirements of health and safety regulations but many other churches don't.
    • He would insist that various conditions were met before he would play.
    • Although the parties lived an extravagant lifestyle, their debt obligations were met.
    • Anaemia is a condition in which the blood cannot carry enough oxygen to meet the body's needs.
    • He can adequately budget for himself on the net disposable income available to him after he meets his family obligations.
    • What is needed is a more flexible health insurance system to meet the needs of the modern world.
    • This is a situation in which flexibility is required in order to meet the needs of the child.
    • Those results were essential to ensure that the proposal met students' needs.
    • Bradford needs a smaller concert hall, with safe parking to meet the requirements of the city.
    • Funds in the coffers are simply not enough to meet long-term obligations.
    • The spokesperson said it could not afford to meet the claim as FLS was still losing money in Ireland.
    • When both of these conditions are met, the method of assessment is performance-based.
    • Even accounting for the slide in the stock market, Friends is in a position to meet its obligations.
    • In this case, I am satisfied that the litigation plan meets the basic requirements.
    • All too often women use their own sick leave entitlement to meet family obligations.
    • All the assets of the fund are available to meet claims of all members, no matter to which category they belong.
    • We finally certify that Mr D. Paparounis has been prompt in meeting its obligations.
    • Its operating cash flow would not be enough to meet its liquidity needs for the rest of the year, it warned.
    • The insurance is merely there to enable the companies to meet these claims.
    • It could not meet its obligations to Hepcoe and continued to operate at a loss.
    • Even if conditions are met, there is no guarantee that a permit will be given.
    • Understanding what patients are looking for on line may help us meet their need for health information.
    • If something doesn't meet your needs and requirements then there will be another tradition around the next corner.
    • All children are included and staff ensure individual needs are met.
    • Start by figuring out the mix of stocks, bonds and cash that will be required to meet your needs.
    • Iberia bosses said meeting the pay claim would plunge the company into an operating loss.
    • Doctors at the surgery believe it is the only way to meet the needs of a modern health service.
    • Many have also revealed that their medical requirements are not met fully.
  • 5

    • 5.1(come together with, join)

      East meets West in this beautiful city Oriente y Occidente se dan la mano en esta bella ciudad
      • her lips met mine nuestros labios se fundieron en un beso
      • her gaze met his sus miradas se cruzaron
      • she could not meet his eye / gaze no se atrevía a mirarlo a la cara

    • 5.2(strike)

      dar contra

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (encounter each other)
    we met by chance at the game nos encontramos en el partido (por casualidad)
    • we arranged to meet at three quedamos a las tres
    • where shall we meet? ¿dónde nos encontramos?
    • the two presidents will meet in May los dos presidentes se entrevistarán en mayo
    • until we meet again! ¡hasta la vista!
  • 2

    (hold meeting)
    (club/committee) reunirse
    (presidents/ministers) entrevistarse
  • 3

    (make acquaintance)
    we (first) met in 1963 nos conocimos en 1963
    • have you two already met? ¿ya se conocen?
    • I've a feeling we've met somewhere before me parece que nos conocemos / que lo conozco de algún lado
  • 4

    (as opponents)
  • 5

    (come into contact)
    the vehicles met head on los vehículos chocaron / se dieron de frente
    • there was a village where the three roads met había un pueblo en el empalme / en la confluencia de las tres carreteras
    • the belt wouldn't meet around his waist no se podía cerrar el cinturón
    • their eyes met sus miradas se cruzaron


  • 1US

    encuentro masculine
  • 2

    (in hunting)
    partida (de caza) feminine

There are 2 main translations of meet in Spanish

: meet1meet2


apropiado, adj.



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