Translation of meiosis in Spanish:


meiosis, n.

Pronunciation /maɪˈoʊsəs//mʌɪˈəʊsɪs/

nounPlural meioses

  • 1

    meiosis feminine
    • In most meioses, every chromosome pair, no matter how small, sustains at least one crossover - a so-called obligate crossover or obligate chiasma.
    • My personal hope is that students will have some intuitive understanding of meiosis as the physical basis of genetics.
    • They were able to work with 12 meioses (a three-generational family with four grandparents, two parents, and four children) and seven marker loci.
    • Models for genetic recombination have been proposed to explain the properties of genetic exchange during fungal meiosis.
    • This is evidence that the genes are evolving in a concerted manner, as might be predicted for genes that mispair very frequently in meiosis.
  • 2

    litote feminine
    • Meiosis, often achieved through a trope of one word, may range from bitter scorn to light derision.