Translation of mellow in Spanish:


maduro, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛloʊ//ˈmɛləʊ/


  • 1

    (fruit) maduro
    (wine) añejo
    (sound/voice) dulce
    (voice/sound) melodioso
    (light/color) tenue
    (light/color) suave
    • It's slightly sweet and surprisingly mellow considering the high alcohol content.
    • He chose a Barbaresco wine 1995 (Italian red, naturally), a wonderfully mellow and aromatic wine which, if you can afford it, is excellent.
    • Moist and translucent, it tastes like a mellow orange with a hint of lemon.
    • This smooth, mellow mouthful delivers flavours of dried red fruits, apples, vanilla and oak.
    • Nutmeg is as popular a spice for savoury dishes as sweet, lending a mellow flavour to rice puddings, sausages and mash, baked custards and fruit cake.
    • Even the period instruments used are distinguished by their mellow sound.
    • Natalie was joined by the tenor Matthew Beale, whose very attractive, mellow sound combined attractively with solo flute, cellos and violins.
    • Even the Pinot Noir sometimes seemed more mellow, which some tasters liked.
    • The music began with the soft, mellow sounds of a wind instrument, paving a way for Valdis's dance to begin.
    • The bulky instrument had a very deep, mellow sound that the troubadour used to a good effect in her songs.
    • I've always thought that the sweet, mellow taste of traditional cream is a perfect match for warm apple desserts.
    • The combination of oligofructose with high intensity sweeteners can lead to a mellow aftertaste and is more soluble than sucrose.
    • Soft tannins and lots of fruit make this quite an unusual and mellow Chianti.
    • When tannins mellow with age, they sweeten up, helping wine to step up to the next level of complexity.
    • They want to know what makes a particular craft beer pleasingly bitter, why the wine they're drinking is so mellow, what gives their whiskey a smoky flavor.
    • The cliched image of autumn is that it is a fine season of mellow fruits, golden leaves and cool, bracing sunny days, but this has little bearing on the lives of anyone who lives in a town or city.
    • The wealth of different brick colours - ranging from mellow old stocks to vibrant red London multis - ensures each fireplace is unique and not a clone of its neighbour.
    • Equally fascinating are the churches with their mellow honey coloured facades that glow warm in the sun.
    • Driving into work, with the car heating turned up and some mellow sounds on the stereo, I could almost kid myself that it was summer.
    • Peaches sold in here are generally large, juicy, sweet, mellow, scrumptious, delicious, you get the idea.
    • With its mellow purples, blues, dazzling yellows and reds set in flawless gold the collection is all set to lure you into buying it.
    • This is a grape variety which has excellent resistance to disease and rot, but which makes Cabernet Sauvignon look rather mellow.
    • It is a washed curd cheese with a mellow taste that's suitable for any time of the day and is available at the farm gate or through Carlow Farmers' Market.
    • The fruit has a sweet, mellow and warm flavour that goes well with other fruit in compotes or fruit salads.
    • The rest of us enjoyed a well-earned meal and some of that very mellow Merlot.
    • The mellow flavour of spring onions make them just as adaptable as regular yellow or white onions, but without the tears.
    • As she recalled, his voice was educated and had a pleasant, mellow tone.
    • They gave their most sensitive performances in the carols which displayed a good blend, excellent words, ringing soprano tone in the upper register and a mellow sound from the tenors and basses.
    • The cold, wet rains of a northern spring were no stranger to him, but that didn't mean he enjoyed them, and he savored the clean, mellow taste of the beer as he soaked up the warmth.
    • The old cafes are still local favorites, but now it's also possible to watch a dusky red sunset filtered through a mellow golden Chardonnay at several very good restaurants.
    • Most important of all are good tomatoes: their ample juices supply enough liquid to moisten the stew and their tart flavour balances the mellow sweetness of the other vegetables.
    • Anejo is Tequila aged in oak barrels where it acquires its mellow golden colour.
    • I'm making do with a large glass of rather mellow Cabernet Sauvignon and some very yummy soup my flatmate has made out of everything in our fridge.
  • 2

    (mature, calm)
    (mood/person) apacible
    (mood/person) sosegado
    • His reflexes seemed a shade slower than his days in Toronto, and his mellow personality differed from Hasek's intense persona.
    • What an apt and beautiful description of the most lovely of seasons in its mellow maturity.
    • He was a mellow person who was rarely, if ever, angry no matter what she pulled.
    • The big surprise, of course, was that guy from Japan: Ichiro Suzuki, who captured the fans of two nations with his skillful play and mellow personality.
    • That had something to do with Mehta's commanding, yet mellow, personality, but it also had a lot to do with the orchestra's professionalism.
    • He seems considerably more mellow to me today than he did then and still a man of impeccable integrity.
    • His screen roles did mellow with age and he played several dad characters, the most popular among them being Kajol's father in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge.
    • That theory about people getting more mellow as they grow older would definitely stand up here, in Montreal institution Leonard Cohen's long-awaited album Ten New Songs.
    • And I had seen Jode's mellow personality melt into passion at simply a glance from Cif.
    • Have someone read my chakra and tell me, ‘You're an incredibly complex and awesome person with a substantially mellow aura.’
    • His mellow wit and conciliatory temperament have endeared him to all of us.
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    (from alcohol)
    the wine had made him mellow el vino lo había hecho más afable

transitive verb

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    age had mellowed him la edad le había suavizado / endulzado el carácter

intransitive verb

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    (voice/color) suavizarse
    (views) moderarse
    (wine) añejarse
    he has mellowed with age se le ha suavizado / endulzado el carácter con los años
    • It's clear that age hasn't mellowed him, only sharpened his observations.
    • One report states that you have matured and mellowed with age and that your attitude has changed so that you now look at life in a better view and appear relaxed and settled.
    • This time he is sitting smiling, saying he has mellowed.
    • Later as the evening mellows, she talks some more of her work and family.
    • But during the course of their journey the tension between the two mellows as they begin to learn something about each other's background and hopes for the future.
    • One thing that has probably mellowed only a little with age is Lloyd's famously sharp tongue and his impatience with incompetence or poor thinking.
    • It's nice to know that he's mellowing in his old age.
    • And here he is telling everyone that experience, and the effects of the triple heart bypass he underwent a decade ago, have mellowed him.
    • Slowly, however, she mellows and begins to consider that she may have misjudged DeVere, who seems to have hidden depths and, after all, is rather dashing.
    • Now on medication which keeps his infamous temper in check, Souness says he has matured, if not actually mellowed.
    • The photograph that Amma, the children and I chose was that of a handsome but mellowed thirty-five-year-old.
    • Over time the fear has mellowed into a moderate worry.
    • His expression has mellowed and he listens calmly as I begin to tell my story.
    • Perhaps it would be a good thing that I've matured and mellowed some, I don't know.
    • It seems he hasn't mellowed much with the passing of the years.
    • A stone cross marks the most sacred point of the pass, the landscape beyond mellowing markedly from jagged, icy summits to rolling undulations.
    • I have had a Madras-strength sore throat for the last three days but it is now mellowing.
    • But I've mellowed with age and, sometimes, I've even got a bit of spare cash instead of buttons in my purse nowadays.
    • The ‘bike mania’, for most men, begins at a very early age and grows, mellows and at last withers away.
    • At least, this used to be his attitude: time has mellowed him.