Translation of melodic in Spanish:


melódico, adj.

Pronunciation /mɪˈlɒdɪk//məˈlɑdɪk/


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    (line/shape) melódico
    • They had a wonderful sound, even in a few simple melodic notes from one of the Nocturnes.
    • The primo and secondo parts are usually equal in difficulty and share melodic interest.
    • Acoustic guitars are strummed hard and fast on some songs, and are played with melodic flair on others.
    • It is an extremely rhythmic and melodic collection of songs that expresses pop in the most subtle of ways.
    • The nature of the piece includes very melodic writing with a singing quality to the lines.
    • The tunes are a better blend of melodic grace supported by delicious twists of harmonic subtlety.
    • Its flowing melodic lines for trombone soloist build up strong emotional intensity.
    • In every class, teachers sing melodic patterns and chords that children imitate.
    • He has a fine gift for melody, and it would be fair to say that melodic considerations drive the piece.
    • The second movement is rather quiet, with long melodic lines and some striking melody.
    • If anything, there is an even greater range of mood and melodic expression than in the Ravel.
    • The second movement is a scherzo constructed primarily of five short melodic phrases.
    • The stunning and grandiose set compliments the beauty of Puccini's emotionally melodic score.
    • Underpinning every song are melodic rhythms typical of Malian music.
    • The timpanist is the featured member of the trio, carrying the majority of melodic weight.
    • All melodic and harmonic intervals up to the fifth are employed in these pieces.
    • The simple melodic pattern of psalmody is often embellished, varied, or extended to generate more elaborate forms.
    • It is filled with melodic ideas sufficient for five operas, and many of them vanish as soon as they appear.
    • The melodic material on which all five movements are based appears in the first.
    • Andie is known to be one of the more melodic bassists in town.
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