Translation of melodrama in Spanish:


melodrama, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛləˌdrɑmə//ˈmɛlə(ʊ)drɑːmə/


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    melodrama masculine
    • They believe that they can recreate the depth of emotion found in some 1940s melodramas by reproducing or reinventing a certain set of narrative devices and by clever casting and design work.
    • For this is what Bad Blood is - an unashamed melodrama, complete with villains, misunderstood heroes and convoluted, nonsensical plots.
    • Adding drama to the downtown scene are the melodramas and vaudeville revues presented at the Gaslighter Theater.
    • This cast and this production prove their superiority again here and serve the script well, neither overplaying the melodrama or underemphasizing the pain.
    • Films are a popular form of entertainment, and several Greek filmmakers and production companies have produced a body of melodramas, comedies, musicals, and art films.
    • Yet the strongest melodramas are those without apparent villains, where characters end up hurting each other unwittingly, just by pursing their desires.
    • By evoking scenes from old Hollywood melodramas and thrillers, the images conveyed vague feelings of tension and threat.
    • By contrast, the latter was a first attempt at classical tragedy, though fused with elements from current revenge-driven melodramas such as Thomas Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy, the most popular stage hit of the era.
    • With epic melodramas such as this one, the main character always makes one fatal mistake.
    • Greta Garbo played tragic lovers, exotic temptresses and steely heroines, anchoring many mediocre melodramas and haughty period pieces like a pro.
    • Instead of a crime-does-not-pay melodrama, the play became an acute study of marital and psychological disintegration
    • Camille is grand melodrama that rivals the theatrics of the most tawdry soap opera.
    • Hepworth produced on average three films a week, ranging from melodramas and slapstick comedies to scenics and travel films.
    • Tragedies, dramas and melodramas tend to engage the audience on a more emotional level.
    • The story of a young architect's vision foiled by wrangling politicians is now the stuff of folklore, making it the perfect subject for an excellent musical melodrama.
    • Love Story is also historically interesting for the way it combines the heightened emotions of the Gainsborough costume melodramas with the ingredients of the more realistic wartime dramas that the studio produced at the same time.
    • The feel of a sensational melodrama is part of its success: this is rich, indulgent, luxurious story-telling, the kind of book that you can really get your teeth into - and want to read it in one sitting.
    • The Gaiety stuck to its well-tried popular repertory of melodramas, comedies, and musicals, though both theatres scheduled touring opera companies throughout the year.
    • This melodrama, and I love melodramas, is really beautifully performed, it's heartfelt and tense and romantic.
    • Like soap operas and melodramas, Magnolia is characterized by excess.