There are 2 main translations of melt in Spanish

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derretirse, v.

Pronunciation: /mɛlt//mɛlt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (ice/butter) derretirse
    (wax/metal) fundirse
    the candy melted in his mouth el caramelo se le deshizo / se le disolvió en la boca
  • 2

    (become mild, gentle)
    (person) ablandarse
    (anger) desaparecer
    he melted in her arms se derritió en sus brazos
  • 3

    to melt into sth
    • her grimace melted into a smile la mueca se le transformó en sonrisa
    • they melted into the crowd se perdieron en la muchedumbre
    • he just melts into the background pasa desapercibido
    • the scenes melt into one another las escenas se funden unas con otras

transitive verb

  • 1

    (butter/snow) derretir
    • Plastic bags are no good because they would melt.
    • Stones dropped from melting Canadian icebergs have been found in sea sediments off the coast of Portugal.
    • Rather than melting away like normal frost, the coldness lingered where Bruetar had grasped the hilt of the sword.
    • They need no more than a brushing of oil, and the briefest encounter with the hot surface, and they turn all brown and crunchy on the outside, green, tender and melting within.
    • If you need emergency water, melt the snow first and then drink liquid water.
    • New research reveals that the rapidly melting glaciers are even changing the shape of the planet, making the earth more oblate than spherical.
    • The debris protects the ice from melting and sustains a thin body of ice that would otherwise have melted away.
    • I smell something strange and find the smoke alarm melted on the stove.
    • I plan to go every available weekend until the snow melts away.
    • The blizzards had ceased three days ago and the remaining snow was swiftly melting away in the face of the late January sun.
    • Wildlife is scarce in the region this time of year but will return when the snow melts this spring and summer.
    • Volcanism can have a large effect on the dating of any particular sample, of course, because when a rock melts it will release the gasses trapped in the rock matrix and therefore restart the atomic clock.
    • Mixed with melting snow, people had to walk on footpaths covered by dark water.
    • Add the Stilton, milk and cream and heat gently stirring often until the Stilton has melted and the soup is hot.
    • Temperatures are climbing, sea levels are rising, Antarctica is thawing - and these are just the tip of the rapidly melting iceberg.
    • Once before in Shanghai, I had gone to see some ice sculptures in an exhibition but a huge cold-air blower had to be used to protect the sculptures from melting away.
    • This snow didn't melt as soon as it touched you… it stuck to your skin and sat there before slowly melting away.
    • I have used Italian Taleggio, French Cantal and Swiss Gruyère, and even goat's cheese on one occasion, to melt over the tender potatoes.
    • White snow gently fell onto the glass of the skylight, melting away.
    • It was all covered in white frost, glinting and melting away with the first rays of the sun, making it a perfect picture for a postcard.
    • She was used to people melting at the mere sight of her brother.
    • Debbie Harry sang the final verse and chorus in French, and a million teenage boys melted.
    • After listening to a five-minute speech outside County Hall - empty of staff for the bank holiday - they melted away as peacefully as they had come.
    • I would just look into his beautiful eyes and melt.
    • The impish smile that had not left his face for the past hour melted away.
    • The popular theory has it that these problems have melted away as the country has prospered.
    • His militia has either melted away or been killed or captured.
    • Sometimes I can seem a little hard, but show warmth and I soon melt.
    • It was a smile Elizabeth had never seen on her husband's face before; one so full of love and tenderness that her heart melted.
    • With the price artificially high, demand for that labor melted away.
    • And despite herself, Matilda gives in to Ric's charm - she's totally melting for the guy!
    • In only two elections the whole of that lead has melted away.
    • Without another word, he vanished, melted away into the shadows, which slowly began to dissolve.
    • Davis grinned inanely as his support melted away.
    • Carly's voice seemed to fade out with the rest of the world, melting away like butter in a microwave.
    • I could feel his breath on my lips and suddenly I was melting.
    • It was hours before they finished filming and the crowds out outside melted away so the pair of us could leg it home.
    • The bad blood between them melted away with the band's delight that the musical chemistry was intact.
    • Jadelyn followed his gaze and nearly melted at the tenderness with which he looked at his sister and how protective he was of her.
    • Although there were minor differences between the voices of boy and girl soloists, these melted away in a choir, said Professor Howard.
    • Although many sceptics of global warming have melted away in recent years, some eminent ones remain.
    • Rowena's frown melted away as she sensed the air cooling dramatically.
    • But he's also a compassionate, caring man whose heart melts for people who are suffering
    • I looked into her green eyes and felt like I was melting.
    • In an instant every trace of fox had melted away.
    • The mining town that was once here has melted away, leaving the classic two-storey pub, with its pretty wooden veranda, sitting alone in a gentle fold of the hills.
    • As they vanished behind the trees that surrounded the park, I felt rather strange, as if 60 years had just melted away.
    • The next, she is melting and vulnerable, taking a deserted 14-year-old kid called Volodya under her wing and showing him what best friends are for.
    • But the armies melted away under the crushing superiority of the enemy.
    • Her eyes looked deep into his and softened in that loving way that always made him melt.
    • And the way she had - her demeanor with people, it just - it causes people to melt.
    • The press coverage was disapproving but still fairly low-key; few columnists rushed to respond and, in the end, the story melted away like a bad smell.
    • She looked up at Harris and felt as if she was melting.
    • How have the readership gains melted away so quickly?
    • Opening the lid, Zoe's cold heart almost melted completely.
    • Although Liz melts for Shaun's sudden charismatic evolution, the most touching relationship in the film is between the two best friends.
    • When he cupped her cheek with his other hand in a tender concerned way, she tried desperately not to melt.
    • He and Qi share no chemistry - she bakes him some madeleines after he rescues her from the bad guys and suddenly we're supposed to believe this hardened soldier melts like the pastry in his mouth.
    • He was melting as he put an arm across her bare shoulders.
    • He looked into my eyes and I felt like I was melting.
    • And so, for no good reason, on my first visit I ordered, of all things, a tuna melt, a meatball sub, and a roast beef sandwich.
    • My favorite cheat meal is a patty melt, but the restaurant versions have way too much fat.
    • I picked up a pressed penny for my sister, grabbed a fine lunch of lobster bisque and a crab melt, then went for Round Two, this time at Mohegan Sun.
    • We decided on the gyros and tuna melt.
    • Patty, the vegetarian, shared a tuna melt with Molly and later they felt ill.
    • Hot Italian snacks, otherwise known as panini, came with chargrilled vegetables and mozzarella cheese or tuna melt.
    • As the prices were so reasonable, daughter decided to skip the two-course special and chose the chicken and cranberry melt - light and tasty.
    • Also included are keema and peas with naan bread, vine tomato and mozzarella melt, tuna salad and chicken curry.
    • He ordered himself a tuna melt, left his door open for other patients to stroll in and was back in uniform the next day.
    • Ann spotted one of her favourites and asked for the tuna melt.
    • Other items I spotted were toasted focaccia, chicken satay and roasted vegetables with cheese melt each for £2.99.
    • At present the most popular baguette is the chicken and cheese melt with lettuce and mayonnaise called Lisa after the customer who first ordered the filling.
    • He's grabbed some hamburgers, coke, and for you Amber, I told him to get you water and a cheese melt.
    • Quite literally, they were covered in foil much like a tuna melt floundering in a microwave.
    • There is also a range of light meals (such as tuna melt or steak 'n' cheese sandwiches), plus desserts.
    • I think about that as I chomp on my half of the melt, but Smith is still too busy talking to eat.
    • I was was eating a patty melt and fries on my sofa watching Letterman, so clearly I was home around midnight.
  • 2

    (make gentle, compassionate)
    their cries melted her heart su llanto la conmovió

There are 2 main translations of melt in Spanish

: melt1melt2



  • 1US

    hamburguesa o sándwich con queso derretido por encima