Translation of meltdown in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈmɛltdaʊn//ˈmɛltˌdaʊn/


  • 1

    fusión accidental del núcleo de un reactor
    • Lipsio said he took little comfort in knowing that the meltdown at the Palm Beach elections office happened during a trial to help spot such problems.
    • A year ago one of the company's nuclear plants came dangerously close to a core meltdown.
    • Some nuclear critics had asserted that a core meltdown would inevitably breach containment.
    • I was 21 years old and it was three days after the partial meltdown of the reactor core.
    • They show you presentations of how top military bases were hacked and nuclear installations almost brought to meltdown.
    • In May 1967 radioactivity was released into the environment when fuel caught fire in a reactor and suffered a partial meltdown.
    • Somewhere along the way, a pipe bursts in the reactor core and meltdown begins.
    • Over the years, Congress has created one program after another to insure individuals and businesses against a panoply of hazards, from natural disasters to bank failures to nuclear reactor meltdowns.
    • Even as a result of the only major meltdown, at Three Mile Island in the United States a quarter of a century ago, no lives were lost.
    • Fearing a meltdown, the reactor officer shuts down the submarine's main source of power.
    • I can't walk into a nuclear power plant and start fiddling with knobs and dials, without causing a nuclear meltdown.
    • Like a meltdown in a nuclear power plant, the conflagration now threatens to take the whole examination system down with it.
    • Go and try out the Nuclear Power Plant Simulator and see how many meltdowns you cause before you manage to survive an entire shift.
  • 2

    colapso masculine
    debacle feminine
    • We asked them to offer practical lessons that they learned from the meltdown.
    • The public has long been suspicious of big business, but the recent financial meltdowns have created even more disdain and distrust.
    • Let the kids and grandkids deal with it, just like they can deal with the deficit, rogue nuclear meltdowns, and the collapse of the currency market.
    • First there was the Nasdaq meltdown and the devastation of the dotcoms and the idea of the casual workplace.
    • But he was saved from a total electoral meltdown by only a handful of votes.
    • It's been a long time since I've had a major meltdown, and this time it was just about a puppy.
    • Ohio State's win over Washington State and Penn State's over Nebraska were overshadowed by, among other results, meltdowns by Michigan State against Cal and Iowa against Iowa State.
    • The patient also learns how to cope with unavoidable stress without having a meltdown.
    • On the ice, the emphasis no longer is on the meltdowns he used to suffer when the pressure was the greatest, when opponents tried to get under his skin.
    • All three sell products to a wide range of markets, which helps protect them from a meltdown in any one sector.
    • As a result, sudden meltdowns - such as the Asian financial crisis - can turn flourishing countries into basket cases overnight.
    • While no one expects hedge-fund values to be listed in the daily newspapers, everyone would be relieved if fewer meltdowns appeared in the headlines.
    • I'd be the last to whinge about tight deadlines, technology meltdowns, the stress, the strain, the always urgent need to come up with an alternative expression for ‘and the wall did its job.’
    • Given this me-too drive to imitate and adore, why are celebrity flame-outs and meltdowns so fascinating?
    • Perhaps the most critical lesson learned from last year, however, is the heavy price corporate reputations pay for such meltdowns.
    • Will any of the business models that emerged over the past five years survive the meltdown on Wall Street?
    • Only the most brilliant of chief executives can move the share price and even here the evidence in the face of the dotcom meltdown is scant.
    • That's why Yu's comments triggered such angst among those who see the makings of a dollar meltdown.
    • The last thing a small business needs is a computer meltdown just when it's time to run off the monthly accounts.
    • Remember the anticipations of catastrophes brought about by computer meltdowns.