Translation of member in Spanish:


miembro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛmbə//ˈmɛmbər/


  • 1

    (of committee, jury, board, international organization) miembro masculine
    (of club) socio masculine
    (of club) socia feminine
    (of church) feligrés masculine
    (of church) feligresa feminine
    member of staff empleada feminine
    • member of the teaching staff profesora
    • a member of the crew un miembro / integrante de la tripulación
    • he's a member of the party/union está afiliado al partido/sindicato
    • a member of the European Parliament un eurodiputado
    • a member of the House of Representatives un miembro de la Cámara de Representantes / Diputados
    • (in UK) the member for Rye el diputado por Rye
    • several members of the audience walked out varios espectadores / varios de los asistentes se retiraron de la sala
    • they received a complaint from a member of the public recibieron una queja de un particular / ciudadano
    • the offer is open to any member of the public la oferta está abierta al público en general
    • they treat me like a member of the family me tratan como si fuera de la familia
    • Romania is a member of the EU Rumanía es miembro de la UE
    • before noun member states países miembros
    • He possesses impressive legal credentials and is a fellow member of the Federalist Society.
    • Kim was a college student from South Korea and an active member of the Film society in his university.
    • The members of each organization follow a defined general pattern in their business activities.
    • He was an active member of the Philharmonic Society, for which he conducted concerts.
    • Our host will be local historian, Jim Hegarty, who is also an active member of the Society.
    • His excellent skills with both bat and ball were at all times a leading example to both his fellow team members and the opposition.
    • He's been an active member in the Society of Travel Writers for over 40 years.
    • She also served as an active member of numerous nursing organizations and as a consultant.
    • After retirement she was town councillor and deputy mayor and was a member of many local societies.
    • She belittled me in front of other team members, was extremely sarcastic and passive aggressive towards me.
    • He was then joined by other members of the team and assisted them in fighting a fire in the airing cupboard.
    • At university, I was an active member of a society for magicians.
    • As befitting his academic stature, Edward Said was a member of countless organizations and societies.
    • The civil servants on these committees are, in principle, members of a team and not departmental spokesmen.
    • I was an active member of the Tolkien Society at the time of the first film.
    • Education is a key to developing activists and active members of organisations.
    • He moved to London in 1876, where he became a founder member of the Fabian Society.
    • Many Labour Party members who attended the conference were disappointed with the event.
    • As part of our expanding section, the business team is currently looking for two new members to join our team.
    • Richard and his fellow team members each received a certificate and commemorative plaque.
  • 2

    • 2.1archaic (limb)

      miembro masculine
      male member miembro viril masculine formal euphemistic
      • It is very clearly apparent from the admonitions of Galen how great is the usefulness of a knowledge of the bones, since the bones are the foundation of the rest of the parts of the body and all the members rest upon them and are supported, as proceeding from a primary base.
      • The skeleton, which is formed by the union of about 200 bones, is divided like the body into head, trunk, and members.

    • 2.2Building

      viga feminine
      • If main structural members are to be cut the load must be carried by temporary braces.
      • Obtain written permission of the engineer prior to field cutting or altering of structural members.
      • Hardwire can even be used on structural steel members to increase their capacity.
      • This will entail the wooden deck over which vehicles travel and some of the main supporting members being replaced.
      • Furthermore the use of bracing using diagonal members to make a structure stiff was well known.