Translation of memory in Spanish:


memoria, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛm(ə)ri//ˈmɛm(ə)ri/

nounPlural memories

  • 1

    • 1.1(faculty)

      memoria feminine
      to recite/play sth from memory recitar/tocar algo de memoria
      • to have a good/poor / bad memory (for education) tener mucha/poca retentiva
      • I've no memory for faces no soy buen fisonomista
      • loss of memory pérdida de la memoria
      • to have a memory like a sieve tener la cabeza como un colador

  • 2

    • 2.1(recollection)

      recuerdo masculine
      to have a vague/vivid memory of sth/sb tener un recuerdo vago/vívido de algo/algn
      • she has fond/unhappy memories of her childhood tiene gratos/malos recuerdos de su infancia
      • I have no memory of it no lo recuerdo
      • his memory will live on su recuerdo permanecerá vivo
      • What happened during that week was just a bad memory in the past.
      • The great cedars that were so much a part of the Quinault past are mostly a memory now.
      • A dark memory from his past kept him from doing this, one he wouldn't share with anyone, not even his best friend.
      • Sinead said all her past memories of the school came flooding back during her visit.
      • And she would always whisper something of a past memory, perhaps a name, just before deep slumber.
      • There was a younger version of him; it looked as if he was reliving a past memory.
      • How we all love to reflect on past memories, a crazy trip to Barcelona and all that fun past we shared.
      • She took the time to reflect upon her own past too and the memory she dug up wasn't a pleasant one.
      • Eastbrook Hall is a very lively church, and the memory of past association with it is always most pleasant to folk who are now far away.
      • And where there aren't flowers there are promises of flowers to come, or memories of flowers past.
      • I will not be visiting the Glen again; just sticking to past happy memories.
      • Most of the older people can only think back and sigh about memories of the past, their youth.
      • Imagine groggily waking up in a strange house, surrounded by unfamiliar faces, with not a single memory of the past ten hours.
      • His memories of the past and thoughts of the future took on a negative spin.
      • She grimaced at the memory; the past always seemed to hurt her!
      • I knew almost instantly that the dream had been a memory of a past life and seemed to be of some importance.
      • I have no recollection of my past memories, except periodic flashbacks of my previous life.
      • Litse sat up confused but the memory of the past eight days flew to the front of her mind.
      • It's easier to bask in the memory of a glorious past than to confront some of the myths we continue to cherish in the present.
      • It is true that memories and past experiences often have to be reassessed in the light of new situations.

    • 2.2(remembrance)

      memoria feminine
      in memory of sb a la memoria / en memoria de algn
      • in memory of sth en conmemoración de algo
      • we do this in his memory hacemos esto en memoria suya
      • our dear mother of blessed memory nuestra querida madre, que en gloria esté
      • At the group's last meeting, sympathy was extended to his wife, Alice, and family and a minute's silence was observed in his memory.
      • The cemetery is a sacred place that honours the memory of the beloved dead.
      • A candlelit vigil took place in Huyton last night, one week after the alleged assault, to honour the dead teenager's memory.
      • The memory of the dead is respected, by visitor and host alike.
      • Teams want to help keep Joel's memory alive by continuing his work, and the response really has been something else.
      • Mr Smith said he was pleased that his son's memory could be commemorated in a positive and constructive manner.
      • Our challenge may be to honour Robert's memory by doing everything we can to restore those values.
      • The memory of dead relatives and cancer survivors will be celebrated with a huge Christmas tree outside Safeways in Wimbledon town centre next month.
      • It's no surprise, either, that so many prominent actors and musicians gathered to honour McGrath's memory by performing from his work.
      • At the Anderson family's request, family and friends gave money rather than flowers to honour Michelle's memory at her funeral.
      • I've instructed all agencies to honor their memory by treating the dead with the dignity and respect they deserve.
      • We're looking at ways of commemorating his memory in a lasting way in the school and will decide on something definite in the coming weeks.
      • Now there are moves to honour Brother Walfrid's memory with a statue outside Parkhead.
      • The event is a way for Michelle and Mathew to honour their son's memory and give something back to the children's ward where they spent so much time.
      • They stuck by Healy until his death in 1989 and continued to revere his memory thereafter.
      • Fellow students wanting to honour Venesha's memory broached the subject of taking on a project in her name.
      • Burial in monastic ground was valued because of the importance of prayer in sustaining memory of the dead.
      • A wife's quest to honour her husband's memory came to fruition on Friday evening when an impressive new Grotto was unveiled in Bangor.
      • There had been victory parades in July 1919-but every hamlet had its dead and their memory in perpetuity.
      • A protest group will be travelling from Killala to Dublin by bus to highlight the campaign to save her birthplace and honour her memory in a fitting way.

  • 3

    memoria feminine
    • During an initialization phase, an access code is stored in a memory of a computer system.
    • The combined system will contain 50 terabytes of memory and two petabytes of disk storage.
    • When the light pulse stops, its information is suspended and stored, just as information is stored in the memory of a computer.
    • Depending on the level, you will have different amounts of system memory in which to store your subroutines.
    • They don't even have the hard drive space and memory that regular laptops have.
    • A reconnaissance satellite, placed into orbit years ago, captures the entire scene in its computer memory.
    • There is a virtual hard drive available in the Internet with plenty of memory to store personal information.
    • The latest MP3 technology compresses all superfluous parts of a sound signal to reduce the amount of memory needed to store digital information.
    • Information on how addresses are translated is kept in a set of page tables stored in main memory.
    • Thanks to virtual memory technology, software can use more memory than is physically present.