Translation of memory bank in Spanish:

memory bank

banco de memoria, n.


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    banco de memoria masculine
    • This is the beginning of the process by which we read the brain for the finitely-indexed memory bank.
    • Now that I'm sitting with the really awful feeling, I'm sifting through my memory bank and wondering how many other people I've hurt or angered or put off because of my abrasiveness?
    • When I reached Goose Gossage, he was driving on a Colorado interstate, happy to talk about a pitch that was still freshly imprinted in his memory bank.
    • I'm going to dip pretty deep in the old memory bank here and tell you a story about how Rick and I got together, way back in high school.
    • Name someone in Cleveland and your mother or father will dig in their memory bank and come up with ‘Oh, I was in sixth grade with her.’
    • I scanned the back of my memory bank for that word.
    • We may have lost our bohemian arts centre - once considered the artistic way forward in the late Sixties - and the city council's four-yearly celebration of the arts has been consigned to the memory bank.
    • However, Ian Clarkson caught up with him and asked him to delve into the memory bank for a blast from the past - season 2002-03 to be precise.
    • Each year he would add in-depth scouting reports on the top 600 to 800 players coming of out of college, to his books and his memory bank.
    • Since travelling down to London as a 16-year-old signing straight from school, Brown has been able to make countless priceless deposits into his memory bank.
    • I am going to be a long time retired and a day like this one will rest long in the memory bank.
    • The different cues and contexts help our brains sort through the information more effectively and store it in our long-term memory bank.
    • Part of the main memory bank is reserved for graphics use.
    • This simplifies the work of the computer as it would not take twice as long to access information already stored in the memory bank.
    • I flipped through my 45s and my memory bank, and came up with 12 singles that shine a light on the best the 1980s had to offer in this micro-genre.
    • In the June issue, the story ‘The Big Switch’ shook my memory bank.
    • As for pork steamed buns, they're like gefilte fish - if they don't trigger something warmly familial in your memory bank, get the first bite down and move on.
    • He opened his eyes at last to see a strange figure stood over him, and it took him a few seconds for it to match up with what was stored in his memory bank.
    • To open the safe, a ‘learned’ finger is placed on the sensor, which then compares the fingerprint's unique pattern to those stored in its memory bank.
    • The only humming, constant in her ear, is the drone of a disk that keeps rummaging through vaults of a memory bank, the wingless whir of miniature fans, and the odd clickety-click of keys.