Translation of memory book in Spanish:

memory book

álbum de recortes, n.


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    álbum de recortes masculine
    • Software programs are also available to help you design the perfect memory book for your precious memories.
    • Other techniques that can be helpful to the entire family, according to Moffitt, include holding a ceremony to honor the baby or creating a memory book.
    • With the emergence of memory books and the ability of preserving photographs digitally it is possible to pass a legacy of memories for our children's children who may never get to meet us.
    • This home's alternate entry is a keepsake for the memory book, and his 3-year-old daughter confirms it.
    • Bring pictures of family and friends, memory books or photo albums.
    • You can smile dreamily at that picture of you two on the dock, and then kiss it goodbye before pasting it into the pages of your memory book.
    • Draw or paint a picture; create a scrapbook or memory book.
    • Preserve treasured memories and start a family tradition by making a memory book.
    • As a gift, but not for his birthday, make a memory book for him of his family's and friends fondest memories of him.
    • Record all the suggestions on labeled index cards, as they make wonderful additions to a memory book for the baby.
    • The memory book might function as a journal, scrap-book, sketch pad, or guest book.
    • Well, the school has decided that to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary it will put together a little book, a memory book for all students and teachers.
    • Before she left, you made each other special memory books and shed tears for a week straight.
    • Now that you have shelves full of memory books dedicated to your wedding, your children, your pets and everything in between, what better way to share the memories than to create a mini memory book to give to loved ones.
    • Have a baby memory book, a baby how-to book and a notebook ready and accessible.
    • Among the images I have pasted firmly into my mental memory book for 2003 is that of a staffer clad in an elaborate, gold-and-red embroidered Turkish vest.
    • You can help your memory with good physical health and a recording diary or memory book plus an easily portable pocket diary.
    • Then the children gather the memories, design a cover, and put together a memory book for the family.
    • I am humbled by the ability of a woman to make a memory book for her young child, knowing that she will not be around when he is able to read it.
    • Exercises encourage children to share their feelings and create memory books to carry treasured photos as well as learn about their new country.