Translation of mend in Spanish:


coser, v.

Pronunciation: /mɛnd//mɛnd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (darn) zurcir
    (patch) remendar
    (shoe) arreglar
  • 2

    (roof/clock) arreglar
    (roof/clock) reparar
    that shelf needs mending hay que arreglar / reparar ese estante
  • 3

    (set to rights)
    she tried to mend matters trató de arreglar las cosas
    • to mend one's ways dejar las malas costumbres
    • you need to mend your manners tienes que corregir tus modales

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (injury) curarse
    (bone/fracture) soldarse
    the rift between them had still not mended sus desavenencias aún no se habían zanjado
  • 2

    (sew) coser British
    (darn) zurcir
    to make do and mend arreglárselas con lo que uno tiene


  • 1

    remiendo masculine
    (darn) zurcido masculine
    to be on the mend ir mejorando
    • She put both hands flat on her lap, then reached them up again to mend the damage she'd done to her hair.
    • Now, at aged 17 he mends, sells and upgrades computers for people in the store in Trowbridge.
    • The faulty shearing machines are repaired, the broken cobbles are mended and the new by-pass built.
    • An elderly heart attack victim cannot use his emergency alarm because BT engineers told him it could take up to a week to mend a broken phone line.
    • It was not easy to find people to mend your shoes, repair your broken zipper or anything else that might be of minor importance but that is necessary for daily life.
    • Chose a clear day to mend a broken fence covered in a climber, as it will be a time-consuming job to untie and untangle the plant.
    • Once, he sashayed into a ladies room with her to help mend a broken spaghetti strap.
    • When we got in Dad had put on a clean shirt and was mending the broken banister.
    • He and Marquis did a lot together, fixing broken pipes, mending the dock, and selling the lighthouse and fishing boat.
    • In total £386,000 is needed to mend damage and work will be carried out in two parts.
    • If there are any savings, hopefully we will be able to spend it on mending more footpaths.
    • His wife, bent over his topcoat, pulled her needle in and out mending the latest damage to its right sleeve.
    • The crucially important thing now is that whatever fences were damaged or knocked are mended and rebuilt, and that we get on with the forthcoming challenges with a united front.
    • Tom finished mending the broken circuitry, with me guiding him using the circuit map on a screen beside.
    • The pre-sea trawler course teaches participants how to mend nets, do repairs, and other basic skills required for work on deep-sea factory-freezer trawlers.
    • Detached from our heads, hair can be used to mend garments, to darn holes in stockings.
    • The sergeant has come instead for a blacksmith who can promptly mend the broken cuffs so that they can be put to use this afternoon in the hunt for two escaped convicts.
    • He also took a gun home from the safe, ostensibly to mend it or repair it or something.
    • Eventually my clothes were clean and dried and mended and returned.
    • We now start on the work of repair and refurbishment of pots and equipment, boats and engines, making and mending, cleaning and painting, there's no end to it - then the insurance - anyone want a job?