Translation of menses in Spanish:


menstruo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛnsiːz//ˈmɛnsiz/

plural noun

  • 1

    menstruo masculine
    menstruación feminine
    • In the recent past, she had experienced heavy menses with passage of clots, and she had occasionally required transfusion.
    • The typical bleeding profile with the new intrauterine system is irregular bleeding or spotting for the first six months of use, followed by very light menses, with 20 percent of women having amenorrhea at one year of use.
    • Usually what happens in migraine sufferers, as the estrogen levels fall off, and the menses begin, there's a tendency to develop headache.
    • Her periods are short, her menses scant, and before each menstruation she experiences low back pain.
    • We collected data on age at and type of menopause (spontaneous or artificial); menopause was defined as the cessation of menses for at least one year.