Translation of mental in Spanish:


mental, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛn(t)l//ˈmɛnt(ə)l/


  • 1

    (illness/powers/process/health) mental
    (patient/hospital) psiquiátrico
    mental torture tortura psicológica feminine
    • to make a mental note of sth tomar nota de algo mentalmente
    • I've already formed a mental picture / image of the place yo ya me he hecho una idea del lugar
    • It is said that with fading age, the physical and mental faculties do not remain as strong.
    • Both of these ideas led to and reinforced theories that lack of hair was caused by mental activity or high intelligence.
    • A mental disorder only arises when we lose the capacity to differentiate between imagination and reality.
    • It is time that this Government took mental illness and mental health seriously.
    • Early intervention in psychosis is a relatively new concept in mental health.
    • That was indeed the situation in the present case: the verdict and the order were silent as to the form of mental disorder.
    • Nowadays, music is both applied for patients with mental disorders and healthy people.
    • Secondly, there is no evidence that treatment prevents suicide in patients with any mental disorder.
    • Power tools should only be used when your mental and physical faculties are at their best.
    • Are there enough mental health professions to deliver the therapy that is needed?
    • Brentano did in fact hold that every mental phenomenon is an object of inner consciousness.
    • We left the rainforest clearing content in our minds about the mental and physical wellbeing of our son.
    • At any given moment we all have a mental concept of who we are, and usually several.
    • During her time as a patient no treatment for mental disorder or illness was given.
    • These simple lifestyle interventions may just help to preserve our mental faculties as we age.
    • The club was set up for and by people who have suffered through mental illness in the past.
    • More often than not the inability to cope manifests itself in mental disorders, says experts.
    • You have to put your aches and pains in the back of your mind and that takes mental toughness.
    • Consequent on her early abusive experiences, she has pervasive developmental mental disorder.
    • The team also looked at admissions for mental and behavioural disorders caused by controlled drugs.
    • No one in full possession of their mental faculties would describe them as dull or generic.
    • Only about ten percent of the elderly who need treatment for mental disorders get it.
    • The illness of a relative meant that we, his family, were fully aware of his abhorrence of the loss of mental faculty.
    • Young prisoners had considerably more inpatient treatments for mental disorders than did the controls.
    • It's not a definable mental or physical illness, with causes that can be diagnosed and treated.
    • Even if we had a map of her entire mental mind, we still wouldn't be able to predict anything.
    • Furthermore, the fact that a patient is suffering from a mental disorder cannot of itself mean that he lacks capacity.
    • Medium secure units admit patients for the assessment and treatment of mental disorder associated with risk.
    • Why do you invest even one brain cell of your mental capital on figuring out his motivation?
    • Most patients with a mental disorder have a mixture of depressive and anxiety disorder.
    • Finally let me address prevention of mental illness and promotion of mental health.
    • This disease of old age starts as memory loss and manifests in a person with the total loss of mental faculties.
    • There is the belief that functional brain scanning can individuate mental pathologies in the living brain.
    • The exhibit looks at the lives of people living with mental illness within mental institutions.
    • His message - make your brain sweat if you want to enjoy your mental life to its fullest.
    • Just as there are physical phenomena, in the same manner there are mental phenomena.
    • Indeed, psychiatrists do not talk of insanity but prefer to use terms such as mental illness or mental disorder.
    • In mental health illnesses, visitors can and do play a very important role in aiding patient recovery.
    • A Scottish study claims that people's mental faculties were reduced after a lifetime smoking.
    • It is good for the mental faculties to start classes early in the morning and finish by afternoon.
  • 2British informal

    to be mental estar chiflado informal
    • to go mental (with excitement) desmadrarse