Translation of mental arithmetic in Spanish:

mental arithmetic

cálculos mentales, n.


  • 1

    cálculos mentales masculine
    • Lawrence Lee was known in the local area to be very good at mental arithmetic and it was this love of mathematics that he passed on to his daughter.
    • A market trader I met, who left school unable to spell ‘orange’, could do mental arithmetic with the speed of summer lightning.
    • Daniel Tammet is a man with an exceptional mind: he can perform mental arithmetic faster than a pocket calculator, and learn a new language fluently, even one as tortuously complex as Icelandic, in a matter of days.
    • Kawashima's study compared the brain activity in hundreds of teenagers playing computer games and doing mental arithmetic.
    • Calling himself a mathemagician, he astonishes audiences with amazing feats of mental arithmetic.