Translation of menu-driven in Spanish:


guiado por menú, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛnjuˌdrɪvən/


  • 1

    (software/program) guiado por menú
    • The survey instrument was a specially created, extensive, and very structured menu-driven questionnaire that covered a broad spectrum of symptoms within 12 different categories of physical health or function.
    • The trackball cursor devices and menu-driven displays, for instance, control nearly every piece of avionics in the cockpit.
    • First, the use of computerized, menu-driven questionnaires, which allowed for direct input of data into the computers, enhanced the accuracy and consistency of the interviews.
    • A relatively new entry from ‘down under’ is SmartSpec, a menu-driven specification system that can work independently of any word-processor.
    • The size of a pager, the pump has menu-driven programming and can hold up to 300 units of insulin.