Translation of merchandising in Spanish:


comercialización, n.

Pronunciation /ˈməːtʃ(ə)ndʌɪsɪŋ//ˈmərtʃənˌdaɪzɪŋ/


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    (esp de subproductos) comercialización feminine
    • Diet companies can reach these people, who are still new to the market, through educational merchandising.
    • Hamleys has been somewhat jinxed over the past five years, with frequent changes of management and poor merchandising.
    • Politics has adopted all the tools of modern merchandising - advertising, polling, telemarketing and demographic targeting.
    • This position is based in San Jose and reports to the Creative Manager responsible for creative merchandising and marketing for both Buying and Selling areas of the site.
    • Beyond smart merchandising, the critical factor in keeping the mix fresh is maintaining fresh eyes.
    • As jerky companies are putting more marketing dollars behind their products, retailers are responding with a more aggressive approach to in-store merchandising.
    • As part of the enterprise programme the women study technology training, business management and merchandising.
    • Initiatives like these garnered accolades from the analyst who praised Federated's management and merchandising earlier this year.
    • In retail businesses, the merchandising of goods is a key part of the success of a store, which means that in many retail stores the merchandise is occasionally rotated - little changes that can make a big difference.
    • There, before analysts and shareholders, Wal-Mart execs mentioned Concord among the vendors that helps the retailer pursue creative merchandising.
    • A workshop on professional retail window design and merchandising is being held in Sligo, today, Tuesday.
    • International sport has become the prisoner of not much more than multinational merchandising and consumerism.
    • So we own the patent for customizing branded merchandising over a computer network.
    • Accompanying the new lines are improved in-store merchandising and marketing that often target youths and stress lifestyle attributes.
    • But now they are moving to a pre-sell system that separates the jobs of sales, delivery and merchandising.
    • We now have a VP of merchandising for each department, like lumber and building materials.
    • But forcing faster decisions on leases will make it harder for a retailer that is reorganizing to analyze whether its new merchandising plan is working, Lenhart argues.
    • The company runs sales promotions, in-store merchandising, direct marketing and market research for consumer and financial groups and retailers looking to gain exposure to the Russian consumer boom.
    • It short, it wanted to manage the Web site like its stores in terms of merchandising, promotions and markdowns.
    • The ease with which the books' complex plots and mise-en-scene lend themselves to subsidiary rights sales and licensed merchandising in part explains Harry Potter's appeal to commercial media.