Translation of merchant bank in Spanish:

merchant bank

banco mercantil, n.



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    banco mercantil masculine
    • The licence of a thirteenth merchant bank was suspended and its ownership transferred while the business of three other merchant banks has been halted.
    • A merchant bank, venture capital firm, or conventional lender that is unfamiliar with a business will find it more difficult to assess risk and will be less accommodating.
    • The merchant bank will have relationships with acquiring banks that can handle both credit card processing and Internet payments.
    • To strengthen the local financial institutions, a massive merger exercise has been launched to reduce the number of banking institutions to 10 giant banking groups, each with a commercial bank, a finance company and a merchant bank.
    • On August 31, 2001, the government engaged the merchant bank to investigate the rail company's financial strength.
    • In wide open economic societies like the G8 countries, merchant banks can also replace the role of the central bank.
    • I've no problems with merchant banks, but the public and voluntary sector need good managers.
    • Some British firms employed merchant banks to arrange their supply of capital finance.
    • There were high street banks, building societies, merchant banks and investment banks.
    • That has always been the situation with the universal banks of jurisdictions like Germany, but in England the clearing banks and merchant banks were for over a century institutionally separate.
    • You helped show us, for instance, that when an ambitious Canadian bank builds a merchant bank, there are two places you want to be: running it or borrowing from it.
    • The four largest retail banks and the French bank were nationalized, as were the thirty-four leading insurance companies, but not the smaller banks nor merchant banks.
    • Zambian exporters have been urged to take advantage of new financial and trading initiatives rather than wait on traditional commercial and merchant banks to adjust their credit policies.
    • ‘It must be able to operate as a merchant bank as well as a venture capital financial institution,’ he said.
    • The management of the funds available for investment was initially put in the hands of merchant banks as investment managers.
    • The ability to work hard and play hard is the kind of quality that merchant banks looked for in employees during the hardcore Yuppie years of the late 80s.
    • In our experience as a merchant bank, we've found that 70% of family businesses don't survive to the next generation.
    • Without the merchant banks, it would have been difficult to establish this link.
    • The convent building was originally a merchant bank and had come down through their family.
    • And why can we not accommodate our really big projects under the African Development Bank, or even the merchant banks in South Africa?