Translation of mercy in Spanish:


misericordia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmərsi//ˈməːsi/

nounPlural mercies

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    misericordia feminine
    clemencia feminine
    (flight/mission) (before noun) de ayuda
    (mission/flight) (before noun) de socorro
    he begged for mercy pidió clemencia
    • they showed the traitor no mercy no fueron clementes con el traidor
    • I left him to her tender mercies pobre, lo dejé a su merced
    • A retired teacher is preparing to take part in a mercy mission to give poverty-stricken children in Eastern Europe a Christmas to remember.
    • A charity worker has thanked people in Harwich for their support ahead of a mercy mission to Romania.
    • ‘We will wage a war without mercy against the terrorists’ he warned.
    • According to her some of the most important aspects that an individual needs to possess in life are love, passion, affection, mercy and compassion for the poor.
    • A school headteacher is to go on a mercy mission to Westminster in a last-ditch attempt to save seven of his pupils from deportation.
    • An aerial mercy mission answered the prayers of the monks of Caldey Island to watch the televised funeral of the Pope.
    • A Shipston dad is hoping to build up support for a mercy mission to a tsunami-hit Sri Lankan village.
    • A family holiday turned into a medical mercy mission as the family met specialists all over the United States to try and find a cure.
    • Anyone who revolted against his or her superior could be punished without mercy.
    • Simon is aware, he said, of the hardship and scenes of suffering which he is likely to encounter on his mercy mission.
    • They will kill you and those you love without mercy.
    • The modern day Mrs. Claus is embarking on a mercy mission to Romania, to bring a little bit of Christmas spirit into the lives of orphaned children.
    • A doctor from Tameside Hospital is joining a team of physicians on a mercy mission to help earthquake victims.
    • However, the mercy mission has proved controversial because it is being funded by taxpayers money - something some residents have complained about.
    • Fooled into thinking John was suffering from an incurable brain tumour, the friend, known as Mark, agreed to the killing as a mercy mission.
    • She had killed without mercy and used her power and beauty to manipulate people into doing whatever she wanted.
    • There are instances in which Mohammed behaved harshly and unjustly in his dealings with people and without mercy towards his enemies.
    • The person with the lower voice is in the authority position, in that she is the one causing harm and from whom mercy is begged.
    • He metes out justice without mercy, with no compassion for any man, an insult to your grandfather's legacy, and your father's.
    • The man in the white coat holding the dart gun looked up as Aidan came down him without mercy and blinded by fury and wrath.
    • He must be henceforth treated like a moral leper to satisfy our conviction that endless ongoing punishment without mercy is ours to mete out to him forever.
    • The aid worker, who quit the army in 1992 to become a civilian engineering contractor, revealed how he turned down a well-paid job in Portugal to join the mercy mission.
    • When I am put into a position of control by a social phenomenon like the Sims, where I get insane pleasure from killing without mercy, well, I begin to wonder.
    • We must find him for ourselves a God of grace, mercy, love and power, for that is what he really is.
    • A swarm of dark elves jumped down from the trees and fell upon the humans, slaying them without mercy for harming one of their companions.
    • Could Hashem not find it within His infinite mercy to forgive Moshe's one sin?
    • One of those taking part in the mercy mission is 17-year-old Sarah.
    • Today very nearly featured a mercy mission to the local hospital, until the patient in question had the nerve to be discharged before Lisa and I could turn up with the grapes.
    • Such an image of God may also be of our own making, but it at least provides us with a vision of hope and faith in a God of grace, mercy, and compassion.
    • In fact, the Prime Minister's compassion and mercy have absolutely nothing to do with his charitable feelings towards her.
    • They intended to exploit his fame; they treated him without mercy in hope that he would break and make propaganda broadcasts.
    • A bury optometrist has helped to safeguard the sight of many desperately poor Ugandans during a vital mercy mission with Vision Aid Overseas.
    • Philomena Smyth said the walk was the first fund-raising activity for the mercy mission.
    • Listen to him long enough and it begins to sound like a crusade rather than a bid - a mercy mission for investors across the land.
    • He could hear them beg for mercy within their minds however; he would not extend any, at least not yet.
    • After doctors warned last May that the two-year-old might not live to see his 10th birthday, they quickly embarked on their own mercy mission.
    • All of us afflicted by landlords merely vow to hate them without mercy for the entire day.
    • Noreen took her 10-year-old grand-daughter on the mercy mission.
    • The only moral action is kill the terrorist without mercy or regret, and thus protect innocent lives against future acts of terrorism.
    • Littleborough charity worker Glenda is off an a mercy mission to help children affected by the world's worst nuclear disaster.
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    bendición feminine
    his death came as a mercy su muerte fue una bendición
    • it's a mercy that … es una suerte que …
    • With a number of top-notch sides potentially lying in wait for Scotland in next month's play-offs, yesterday's success may yet prove a minuscule mercy.
    • I guess it's a mercy that I'll be in an eagerly awaited training from 10-noon.
    • Given the sheer volume of my singing voice, this is a mercy.
    • Finally, the Queen showed a little mercy, allowing the couple to meet once every year on the Silver River.
    • Many an immigrants wrote back to their families in the villages applauding the mercies of Lord Ram in providing Shiv Sena, thanks to whose efforts we are alive today from the organized conspiracy of the Islamic Fundamentalists.
    • I suppose we can be grateful for those (rather large) mercies.
    • All occasions invite God's mercies, and all times are God's seasons.
    • Consistency has never been his forte, so perhaps we should be grateful for the mercies this album provides.
    • We are thankful and grateful to God for His undeserved mercies.
    • The Blues, experiencing troubled times, are grateful for any mercies these days and they gratefully accepted the four points for a victory that nudges them ahead of Glasgow in the Celtic League.
    • By experience we discover the Lord's mercies to be new every morning, and his faithfulness to be sure and dependable even when ours is weak.
    • Mind you, it wasn't a good meal, so perhaps it was a mercy.
    • A priceless goal midway through the second half was a mercy in this impoverished era for the national side.
    • It was, he says, a mercy that it happened so swiftly.
    • It would be a mercy to end its existence, but he left it there, just tethering at the edge of death, wishing for it but not enough to fall over.
    • American Airlines was ridiculously accommodating, and that was a mercy.
    • Accordingly, the arrangement gives extraordinary protections to investors but leaves labor, the environment, and consumers to the mercies of the deregulated markets.
    • They are not killed, as are Easy Rider's dynamic duo, but death would seem a mercy in the face of the fate society seems to have in store for them.
    • The Koran speaks of the advent of the Prophet as a mercy to the entire universe.
    • It didn't occur to us to wonder what they thought of us, which might have been a mercy.
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    mercy (me)! ¡Dios mío!